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A vital part of moving successfully through your NDSU online degree program is to complete your classes.  Keep up on your assignments and be sure all required coursework is completed prior to class deadlines.  Some distance-based classes do not have deadlines for individual assignments but require that all coursework is turned in prior to the end of the semester.  It is especially important in these classes to double check that you have submitted all necessary assignments by the end of the semester.  Upon completion of the class and after the grade-posting deadline, check your grades in Campus Connection to ensure that you have received a grade on your unofficial transcript.

As you approach your last semester start thinking about graduation.  You may want to meet with your advisor one final time to ensure you have completed all degree requirements. If, in your last semester, you will complete all degree requirements, you are ready to graduate.  In the first few weeks of your last semester, you will need to declare your intent to graduate by applying for your graduate or undergraduate degree. After you have declared your intent to graduate you will receive an email with information about participation in commencement ceremonies.

Students are not required to participate in commencement ceremonies to receive their degree certificate. However, participating in the commencement ceremonies is a great way to celebrate this major accomplishment in your life. Coming to campus for commencement will allow you to see the campus facilities first hand and if you choose, you may stop by the Office of Distance and Continuing Education to meet the staff behind all those classes you took.  Depending on your location you will need to make travel arrangements.  The NDSU Office of Registration and Records offers travel resources on their Commencement website

After graduating stay in touch with the Office of Distance and Continuing Education.  We offer a variety of distance and personal/professional learning opportunities that may be useful to you in the future.

From all of the DCE staff we congratulate you on successfully finishing your degree program and wish you the best in your future endeavors.