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Enroll Services Process

If you are a new student to NDSU, you will need to complete the Enroll Services process, which will give you access to NDSU e-mail, Blackboard, Campus Connection, and the NDSU Library electronic resources, prior to accessing your web-based class.

Your NDSU e-mail address serves as the official means of communication with NDSU, so be sure to check it regularly. To begin the enroll services process click the link below and follow the directions.




  1. Click “Continue”.
  2. If you know your ElectronicID and Password, enter both—it will either be the password you formerly used or this pattern: Mmmssyyyy
  3. Mmm    first 3 letters of birth month (1st letter capitalized)
    ss         last 2 digits from student ID
    yyyy     4 digit birth year
  4. If you do not know your ElectronicID, go to the section titled “I do not know my Electronic ID or password” enter last name and Emplid. Your Emplid/Student ID was mailed to you after you were formally admitted. Click “Continue” again.

Tip: When you change your password, in the enroll services process, be sure to complete the reminder request or your changed password will not work.