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How to use the Assignment Drop Box in Blackboard

The Assignment feature provides a dropbox style location within a course shell where students can upload files (assignments) which are available to the instructor. This provides an organizational and file storage advantage as compared with email.

Other facts about the Assignment feature:

Using the Feature:

  1. Log in to Blackboard and navigate to your course.
  2. Locate an assignment you need to complete. When you find an assignment, you'll see the clipboard icon and a link to Assignment Drop Box. Select this link.
  3. If the Instructor has placed a file on Blackboard for you to download, click the file link next to the Assignment Files option.
  4. Your browser (Internet Explorer, Safari) will ask you where you want to save this file. Choose a location on your computer that you will be able to find again.
  5. When it has finished downloading, open the file using the appropriate piece of software - often this will be Microsoft Word - and complete the assignment as directed.
  6. VERY IMPORTANT: Save your completed assignment on your computer harddrive or other storage device that you are using.
  7. Return to the course website, to the appropriate assignment location, as you found in Step 2.
  8. Click the Browse button to attach and upload your completed assignment file to your instructor. You may type a brief comment in the Comments area, but there is a limit on how much you can type so comments should be brief.
  9. Select the Submit button when you are ready to turn in your assignment to your Instructor.
    Note: Choosing the Save buttonwill not submit the assignment. Your Instructor will not see the assignment until you have clicked Submit.