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How to use the Discussion Board in Blackboard

The Discussion Board is a text-based, asynchronous communication tool. Communication that takes place in the Discussion Board is archived and can be sorted.

The Discussion Board feature uses the following terms:

Reading in the Discussion Board

  1. Select the link provided on the navigation bar for the Discussion Board.
  2. Select the name of a Forum to access it.
  3. Once you are inside of a Forum, you can read existing threads by selecting the titles.
  4. Use the + and - signs to expand or collapse the threads.

Create a Discussion Thread:

  1. Click Add a New Thread and the Create New Message page will appear.
  2. Click in the Subject box and type in the subject of the message.
  3. Click in the Message box and type your message.
  4. Click Submit to send your message.

Reply to a Message in a Thread:

  1. Click on a Thread to read it.
  2. Click the Reply button next to a message to post a reply to the current thread.
  3. Type a Subject for your reply message thread.
  4. Type the text for your message into the Message area.
  5. If anonymous posting is allowed, check the box for Post Message as Anonymous if you wish to send your message without other users knowing your identity
  6. To add file attachments to message threads and replies, click the Browse button, navigate and find the desired file, and click the Open button.
  7. Click the Preview button to see your message before you post it.
  8. Click the Submit button to send your message.
  9. Your message will display with a New icon within the list of current message threads.