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Save Documents in Microsoft Word/Office 97-2003 Format

If You are Using MS Office 2007:

Microsoft Office 2007 is a major update to the office suite. Word and other programs in the suite will use new document formats. Word 2007 saves files in the .docx format, which is different from the .doc format used in Word 97-2003. The new document format in Word 2007 can cause difficulties when it comes time to share your documents electronically. So, if you upgrade to Word 2007, you should consider changing the save settings. You can save your documents in a format that is compatible with earlier versions of Word. That way, you won't have any problems sharing documents.

Using the Feature:
  1. Click the "Office" button Click "Word Options"
  2. Open the "Save" options
  3. Next to "Save files in this format", select "Word 97-2003"
  4. Click "OK"
  5. Your documents will be saved in the .doc format, which is compatible with earlier versions of Word.

If You are Using Another Word Processor:

  1. Select the "File" link on your menu bar
  2. Select "Save As"
  3. In the dialog window (the pop-up window) select "File of Type" or "Format" as it appears in your program
  4. In the dropdown menu, choose "MS Word 97-2003" or ".doc format" from the list