NDSU Guidelines for Fall Event/Activity Planning

This document is a supplement to the State of North Dakota’s guidance on events and group gatherings. The State of North Dakota’s guidance should be consulted by all student organizations and departments when planning an event or meeting. Risk levels are color-coded, with Red, Orange and Yellow having the most restrictions, Green with eased restrictions, and Blue with most restrictions removed.

  • Current Risk Level: Link
  • State guidelines for gatherings by risk level:  Link

Overarching Guidance

  • Events and activities should follow state guidelines.
  • Inclusion is important. Every attempt should be made to provide virtual alternatives for students to attend who are at a distance or are members of groups at increased health risk.
  • In Yellow and Green levels, event attendance should be tracked when requested; this is to assist in contact tracing if needed.

Interpretation of Guidelines

  • Group – Refers to any pre-assigned set of students who will be required to attend multiple events together. 
    • Examples include Welcome Week groups, athletic teams, etc.
    • Social distancing may be reduced within these groups when necessary in the Green level.
  • Physical Distancing – Maintaining a 6’ distance is the recommended standard for physical distancing. In the Blue level, physical distancing disappears from all state language, but will still be encouraged wherever possible.  In the Green level, language indicates a middle ground between strict Yellow Level (6’ distancing) direction and the very open Blue level.
  • Larger Gatherings – In the Green level, larger indoor and outdoor gatherings “are permitted if approved by community leaders and the local health authority."  While events exceeding this size are actively discouraged, requests for gatherings larger than 500 people will be vetted by the Student Engagement Committee and forwarded to the NDSU executive team and Fargo Cass Public Health for review and approval.  Requests may be sent to the Dean of Students Office.

Event Planning Steps

  • Review State of North Dakota Guidelines.
    • What level are we? (Yellow/Moderate Risk, Green/Low Risk or Blue/New Normal)
    • Based on the level, review safety measures, physical distancing, venue activity, and hygiene/cleaning.
  • Complete a Facility Use Agreement (FUA) for the Event Location
    • Consider the number of individuals expected to attend. Based on that, determine how much additional room you need to maintain social distancing and request a room with state guidelines for occupancy in mind.
    • Student Organizations complete the FUA on myNDSU. 
    • Campus Departments/Organizations complete the FUA on the Facilities website.
    • For classroom reservations, complete that form from the Registrar’s website in addition to the FUA.
  • Identify what steps will be taken to ensure health and safety of attendees:
    • Maintaining social distancing.
    • Use of face coverings (masks).
    • Separate entrance/exit doors or routes.
    • Encourage good hand hygiene.
  • Review the food guidelines.
    • NDSU Dining provides a variety of options. Please contact them if you have questions.
  • Establish a plan on how to educate attendees at event and prior on health and safety plan. 
    • Create signage so expectations are clear.
  • Plan for remote attendees (even at Green and Blue risk levels, attendees may need to attend from home).
    • Information on technology options to include remote attendees is forthcoming.
  • For ideas and tips on planning a successful event or meeting, see Encouraging Engagement.

Other Limitations

  • For Club Sports and activities requiring physical exertion, the maximum number of students allowed to participate in fitness facilities is 10 and at outdoor facilities is 25. (“Participants” includes spectators, officials, team members, etc.)
  • Club Sports are expected to maintain a list/log of all participants for each practice or game that may be used for contact tracing purposes if necessary.
  • Activities that include hard or forced inhalation/exhalation (e.g. singing, dancing, cheering, etc.) are prohibited in many indoor spaces.

Travel Recommendations   

  • At this time travel within the U.S. is not restricted by the state of North Dakota, but students should continue to check that guidance.
  • Students should also check the guidance of the states they’ll be travelling to/through as many do not currently allow residents of North Dakota.
  • NDSU still recommends that any unnecessary travel be reconsidered.
  • If students still plan to travel, they should take every safety precaution possible in addition to the existing NDSU Congress of Student Organizations guidelines on travel. (Wear masks in vehicles, use hand sanitizer after stops, etc.)


  • Facility Use Agreement (Campus Departments/Organization): Link 
  • Facility Use Agreement (Student Organization): Link Note: you must be logged in to myNDSU to access the form.
  • Classroom Reservation:  Link

Contact Information


Please contact the Dean of Students Office at 701.231.7701.

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