Free Speech FAQ’s

How does NDSU decide what speakers to allow on campus?

We follow our policies and the law.  Decisions must be “content neutral” – meaning NDSU cannot approve or disapprove a speaker based on the content of what they might say or what groups they represent.

Does NDSU block groups based on political or moral grounds.

No.  The law requires these decisions to be content neutral.  NDSU is open to any group.  To attempt to ensure safety and prevent disruption to University operations, some events may be subject to constitutional time, place, and manner restrictions.

Don’t I have a right to say whatever I want on the NDSU campus?

Yes, as long as that speech does not jeopardize physical safety or constitute a violation of the Code of Student Conduct.  Remember, the right to express yourself does not absolve you of accountability.  Others will have the right to challenge your ideas.

What if I find the content being expressed offensive?

There are really two primary options.  The first is to leave the area.  No person or group is allowed to impede your ability to remove yourself from the situation.  You are also free to exercise your own First Amendment rights in any manner that does not constitute harassment or jeopardize the safety of another individual.

Don’t I have the right to walk across campus without being offended or subjected to material I find offensive?

No, but you do have the right to exercise your own First Amendment Rights or remove yourself from the area.

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