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Digital Measures


What's New in Digital Measures?

The most recent screen and report revisions are listed below to help improve data entry and reports.  To request any improvements, simply complete the feedback form


Here is a list of revisions that are currently under review:

Academic Advising at Other Institutions (Expected in Jan 2018)

  • Adding a new screen to capture academic advising data from non-NDSU institutions

Status = Under Review

Scheduled Teaching at Other Institutions (Expected in Jan 2018)

  • Adding a new screen to capture courses taught at non-NDSU institutions

Status = Under Review

Updated navigation bar

Updated navigation that increases compatibility with various screen sizes

Create, preview and run reports – without Work Requests

Administrators to create custom templates and share with faculty (without a work request)



See our recent round of screen revisions below.


Promotion and Tenure Screen

  • Added "H.1.4 Artistic and Professional Performances and Exhibits" and "H.1.5 Media Contributions" to "Comments for Promotion and Tenure Report by Section" drop down list
  • Department PTE Committee Reccomendation Letter

  • Department Chair Recommendation Letter

  • College PTE Committee Recommendation Letter

  • College Dean Recommendation Letter

  • Provost Recommendation Letter

  • President Approval/Recommendation Letter

Media Contribution Screen

 See attachment for details; Screen Revision-Media Contributions

  • Added “Multi-Media” to the drop down list as followed:
  • Film
  • Internet
  • Magazine
  • Multi-Media
  • Newspaper
  • Radio
  • TV
  • Other
  •  Added an “Explanation of Other” text field for when “Other” is selected

  • Added  “Media Title/Topic” text field

  • Added “Location” text field

  • Added “Web Address” URL to reference a web address

Contracts, Fellowships, Grants, and Sponsored Research

  • Renamed"Start Date of Funding/End Date of Funding" to "Start Date/End Date" see Screen Revision Request

We found that eliminating the word "funding" would eliminate confusion between proposal dates and funded dates.

Administrative Assignments

  • Added a standard instructional text "Accomplishments/Progress of Goal"before the Responsibilities/Brief Description text field

  • Added "Graduate Coordinator" and "Undergraduate Coordinator" to the Position/Role drop down list as follows:

    • Assistant Dean
    • Assistant Director
    • Assistant Vice President
    • Assistant Vice Provost
    • Associate Dean
    • Associate Director
    • Associate Vice President
    • Associate Vice Provost
    • Dean
    • Department Assistant Chair/Head
    • Department Associate Chair/Head
    • Department Chair/Head
    • Department Vice Chair/Head
    • Director
    • Graduate Coordinator
    • Provost
    • Undergraduate Coordinator
    • Vice President
    • Vice Provost
    • Other

Contracts, Fellowships, Grants and Sponsored Research

  • Added arrows to enable sorting the order of investigators, see Screen Revision Request

Directed Student Learning

  • *Added "Co-Chair" to the "Involvement Type" drop down list
  • *Reordered the list of "Involvement Type" values as follows:

    • Master's Advisor
    • Master's Thesis Committee Chair
    • Master's Thesis Committee Member
    • Dissertation Committee Chair
    • Dissertation Committee Member
    • *Dissertation Committee Co-chair
    • Postdoc Supervision
    • Supervised Research
    • Supervised Teaching Activity
    • Internship Advisor
    • Undergraduate Capstone Project Advisor
    • Undergraduate Research Advisor
    • Undergraduate Honors Thesis
    • K-12 Mentor
    • Other

  • Added the value "Capstone Project Advisor" to the "Involvement Type" and removed "Directed Individual/Independent Study" from the drop down list

  • Added the value "Withdrawn" to the list as follows:

    • Completed
    • In-Process
    • Proposal
    • Withdrawn

Faculty Development Activities Attended

  • Renamed Activity Type of "Workshop" to "Workshop/Training"

Artistic and Professional Performances and Exhibits

  • Added a drop down list, "Current Status" as followed:

    • In Preparation; Not Yet Submitted
    • Working Paper
    • Submitted
    • Revising to Resubmit
    • Not Accepted
    • Accepted
    • Published


Promotion and Tenure Report

Annual Activity Faculty Report



Updated 03/2017: 

  • Populate SROI Open-Ended Comments and SROI Open-Ended Comments File

  • Added "Scheduled Teaching at Other Institutions" as a new section to populate teaching data from non-NDSU institutions

  • Added " Formal Advising at Other Institutions" as a new section to populate number of undergraduate and graduate advises per academic year

  • Added "Graduation Semester" data to populate from "Directed Student Learning" Scree

  • Renamed "Grants Submitted" to "Grants Submitted or Rejected"

  • Added "Were you elected or appointed?", removed "approx. number of hours spent per year", and added "Brief description of committee key's accomplishments" to all "Service" related sections in the report

  • Added "Administrative Assignments" as a new section to populate administrative accomplishments/progress of goals

Updated 01/2017:

  • Added "Publications" to reference the "Published Work" screen and to populate other records not displayed above "Intellectual Contributions"

  • Renamed "Papers presented at academic conferences (but not published in proceedings)" to "Presentations at academic conference"

  • Added "Invited" to reference the "Presentations" screen and populate only when values = invited

  • Added "Faculty Development" as a new section to populate other records not displayed above "Other Faculty Activities Contributions"

  • Revised Annual Report for the College of Science and Math, see SM Annual Report

Vita Report


Vita Report_DEC2017




Vita Report _MAY2017





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