Updated 5/29/2020 

Covid-19 Response: 

NDSU Dining is diligently monitoring reports from the ND Department of Public Health and the CDC for updates or changes in recommended guidelines. We have been, and will continue to be, proactive in our approach to keep our facilities clean, sanitized and disinfected. As Covid-19 continues to impact our community, we will update our operations accordingly. 

Food Court and Caribou Coffee:

Limited seating is available in the Food Court and Caribou, and re-arranged to accommodate 6’ social distancing. Green/red color-coded cards indicate if the table is clean, disinfected and ready for use. Tables and chairs are cleaned prior to opening and throughout the day. Check out summer hours. 

Dining Center:

The RDC will open for summer hours on June 1, 2020.

  • Monday - Thursday
    • 6:45am - 8:30am
    • 11am - 1pm
    • 5 - 7pm
  • Friday
    • 6:45am - 8:30am
    • 11am - 1pm

The RDC will remain take-out only, and all items will be served by a Dining team member to eliminate self service areas. The RDC will continue to be an allergen friendly facility, free of tree-nuts and peanuts. 

Safety Measures:

Below is a list of some of the measures we are taking to keep you safe. 

  • All Dining Locations
    • Introducing schedule breaks to implement thorough cleaning and disinfecting before, between, and after meal periods.
    • Implementing strict sanitation measures to keep customers from coming in contact with self-serve items. Self-service areas will be removed or closed. Beverage areas will be monitored closely and frequently disinfected.
    • Implementing use of EPA approved chemicals that are effective against viruses.
  • Food Court and Caribou
    • Limited seating available.
    • Green/red color-coded cards indicate if the table is clean, disinfected and ready for use. 
    • Following recommended guidelines of 6' social distancing in our approved seating areas.
  • Residence Dining Center
    • Dining will monitor guest counts in the RDC to meet University and NDDoH guidelines.
    • Removing finger scanners and implementing contact free proxy entrance through NDSU ID cards. 
  • All Dining staff be re-trained and reminded frequently on all sanitation/food safety practices and monitoring of health/well being.
  • All Dining staff will follow HR recommendations regarding their wellness and monitoring any symptoms that would require them to stay home from work.

Refund percentages are based on the North Dakota University System Procedure 830.2, which determines the prorated refund rate on the enrollment periods. 

Five- or Seven-Day Unlimited Meal Plan Holders (residence hall students with required meal plans): 
Students who checked out of their residence hall by the week of March 23, or deferred their checkout to a later date and are not residing in their hall, will receive a 40% refund of their unlimited meal plan spring semester rate. No action or form submission is required to receive your dining refund.   

Unlimited Plan         Spring Rate     Refund %     Refund Amount
Five-Day Plan$2,163.0040%$865.20
Seven-Day Plan$2,389.0040%$955.60

Students who have requested to reside in their hall past March 23 will receive a refund based on the subsequent week they check out.
March 29 – April 4: 30%
April 5 – April 11: 25%
April 12- April 18: 20%
April 19 – April 25: 10%
April 26 – May 2: 5%
May 2 – May 15: 0% 

Five- or Seven-Day Unlimited Meal Plan Holders (Students with optional meal plans, e.g. Apartment residents, off-campus or commuter students): 
Students can continue using their plan or request to receive a refund. Students who have not utilized their plan (or minimally utilized it) after March 28 will receive a 40% refund. Students who continued to utilize their plan past that date will receive a refund based on the subsequent week they request to discontinue the plan (rates listed above). 

Meal Block Plan Holders:
Students can continue using their plan or request to receive a full refund for unused meals. Students must be enrolled in the spring semester to get a refund. 

Exceptions to Refund Calculations:

  • Students who received a partial waiver/scholarship will see a refund applied based on charges not already covered by the waiver/scholarship.
  • Students who receive a full waiver/scholarship for housing and dining, including resident assistants and student-athletes residing on-campus, are not eligible for this credit. Student-athletes, including those that live off-campus with optional meal plans, may contact the Athletic Department with further questions.

Refund Details and Distribution:
Refunds will be generated Thursday, April 16 via Direct Deposit or Check. Refund requests received after April 15 will be processed on a weekly basis through the final date of May 31.

  • Students with Direct Deposit will receive their funds approximately three business days later.  This is the preferred option as students will receive the refund quicker.
  • Students who have not signed up for direct deposit will be mailed a paper check to their home address listed in Campus Connection.
Stay Connected:

Keep checking back, and follow @ndsudining on Facebook and Instagram for the most up-to-date information. You can also email ndsu.dining@ndsu.edu  or call 701-231-7001 with questions or concerns. 

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