Quarantine and Isolation Meal Refunds

NDSU Dining is committed to providing balanced and healthy meals for students who need to quarantine or isolate while living on campus. Meal delivery service and details can be found at www.ndsu.edu/dining/qimeals.  Students who would like to quarantine or isolate off campus may do so and are eligible for a refund. 


Students with a 5- or 7-day unlimited meal plan, who quarantine/isolate off campus for five or more consecutive days, may be eligible for a refund. 

Refund Policies:
  • Requests must be received within 45 days from the end of your quarantine/isolation period.
  • Refunds are only granted if the quarantine/isolation is for five or more consecutive meal days with no meal activity. Meal activity includes meal delivery which has three meals per package.
  • Requests will not be refunded in the excess of quarantine/isolation period.
  • Quarantine/isolation must be mandated by state health officials, and cannot be self-imposed.
  • The dates utilized for the quarantine/isolation period will from NDSU’s tracking system.  If the dates for quarantine/isolation are inaccurate, please submit a copy of your official notification from the state health officials.
  • Residence Life RAs and student athletes receiving scholarships are not eligible.
  • Meal days during Thanksgiving break are not eligible for refund.
  • All refund requests are subject for review and approval based above criteria.

Refund Request Form

Refund Rates:

The amount of the refund will be calculated as follows:

  • 7-day Unlimited Meal Plan: $20/day
  • 5-day Unlimited Meal Plan: $25/day


Within 30 business days of your request, the calculated amount of the refund will be applied to your student account in Campus Connection. Refunds are contingent on approval.


If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact the NDSU Dining Services at 701-231-7001 or at ndsu.dining@ndsu.edu. 

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