Quarantine and Isolation Meals

In the case of becoming symptomatic, exposure to someone who tests positive, or having a positive test, the following guidelines and processes have been developed. 

Quarantine/Isolation Process FAQs Meal Cancelation 

Quarantine Meals (within current room/hall/apartment)

If you are identified as a close contact, you will receive an email from NDSU Residence Life asking you to quarantine. If you have received your vaccine, please reply and let us know - you will not need to quarantine. If you need to quarantine and have not been contacted been Residence Life, please complete the COVID-19 Student Reporting Form.

Students are permitted to leave their room to get takeout from the Dining Center if they wear their mask and maintain social distance to avoid close contact with others. 

  • Students with unlimited plans will have the option to take 7 meals to-go from the dining center per day while in quarantine. Dine-in meals will not be available. 
  • Students with a block plan may use their meal swipes as needed. Additional swipes are available for purchase using GET mobile. 
Community Kitchens for Students in Isolation

If you test positive for COVID-19, you will be notified via the Health Department and will also receive two emails from Residence Life. If you are notified by a state or medical official outside of ND, please report via the COVID-19 Student Reporting Form.

If you live in a Residence Hall, you will receive an isolation housing assignment where you will have full access to the community pantry and kitchenette. 

  • Help yourself: Food is available in pantries and refrigerator. Allergy friendly items are available in a designated space.
  • Look for cooking instructions: You are free to heat up food using the microwave, oven, toaster oven. Recommended cooking instructions for items will posted around the kitchens.
  • Clean up after yourself: Don’t leave food unattended and clean up after yourself after using the kitchens.
  • Be courteous to your neighbors: Please take what you need from the kitchen, but do not bring excess food back to your room to ensure there is enough for everyone. The kitchens will be restocked often.
  • Restocking/Cleaning schedule: Kitchens will be cleaned daily and restocked frequently.
Meal Plans 
  • If you have a 7-day unlimited plan, you will have unlimited access to the community kitchens. 
  • If you have a 5-day unlimited plan, all weekday meals will be included. For weekend meals, you have two options that you will choose completing the COVID Housing and Meals Quarantine Form. 
    • Upgrade to a 7-day unlimited plan at a prorated cost (unable to reduce to a 5-day after isolation).
    • Purchase a 6-block meal plan to supplement weekend meals for $45.00. 
  • If you have a block plan, three meal swipes will be deducted from your plan each day you are in isolation. If you are running low on meal swipes you can purchase any block plan. If you do not select a plan before you are out of swipes, a 50 block meal plan will be automatically added to your account.
  • If you do not have a meal plan, meal plans are required for isolation. You will receive an email for purchasing options. If you do not purchase a plan, a 50 block plan will be added to your account. 
Meal Delivery for Students in Isolation

Students who test positive for COVID-19 with a 5-or 7-day unlimited meal plans who live in an apartment or an MLLC or Niskanen Expansion studio unit can isolate in their space and are eligible to receive meal deliveries. 

Meal Delivery

Meals will be delivered 7 days a week with deliveries start at 1pm or 6pm daily. Actual delivery time will depend on the total number of meal deliveries. Upon arrival at your door, our team will knock and say, “NDSU Dining.” You will also receive a delivery notification email. If you hear us, feel free to acknowledge us through the door, but help us mitigate the risk of COVID-19 by not opening the door right away. Enjoy your meals!

Meal Plans

Any student living in an NDSU apartment or in a studio residence hall can isolate in their own space. Those with unlimited meal plans are eligible to receive isolation meal deliveries. 

  • If you have a 7-day unlimited plan, all isolation meal deliveries will be included in your meal plan.
  • If you have a 5-day unlimited plan, all weekday meals will be included. You have 3 options that you will choose from when completing the COVID Quarantine Housing and Dining Form:
    • Upgrade to a 7-day unlimited plan at a prorated cost (you will not be able to reduce your meal plan to the 5-day after quarantine)
    • Purchase a 6-block meal plan to supplement weekend meals for $45.00. 
    • Select "no change" and not receive meals during the weekend.
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