NEW next year (2020/21), upperclassmen students have even more meal plan options, plus the ability to use block plans in more locations.

Changes to Upperclassmen Meal Plan Options

Off-Campus, NDSU Apartments, Niskanen Hall, Mathew Living Learning Centers:
No meal plan requirements. Students may add an unlimited access plan or block plan.

Upperclassmen living the following halls (Burgum, Dinan, Stockbridge, Churchill, Weible, R/J, High Rises, Cater): 
Upperclassmen can select one of THREE options: five-day, seven-day, or a 170 block plan (per semester). All meals plans automatically renew for the spring semester. If a 170 block plan is selected, meal swipes roll over from fall to spring semester (if addition to renewing at spring).

Block Plans*

Block plans are available for purchase in increments of 25 and can be used at all three dining centers. Block plans can also be used at the Barry Hall Coffee Shop and in the NDSU Food Court from 4 – 7 p.m. NEW for the 2020/2021 academic year, block plans can be used in the food court ANY TIME! 

25 Block.............. $9.00/meal ($225)
50 Block.............. $8.50/meal ($425)
75 Block.............. $7.75/meal ($581.25)
100 Block............ $7.00/meal ($700)* 
170 Block............ $7.00/meal ($770)*

*$7.25/meal for the 2020/2021 academic year

Unlimited Access Plans

Unlimited access plans allow you to pop into any of our three dining centers as many times as you want. Bison Beanery – the full-service coffee shop within the RDC – is included in this plan.

Five-day Meal Plan - $2,163/semester*
Unlimited access Monday – Friday
3 guest passes

Seven-day Meal Plan - $2,389/semester*
Unlimited access Monday – Sunday
7 guest passes

Need help deciding between the five- and seven-day plans? The five-day plan is only recommended for students who plan to leave campus every weekend. The seven-day plan is only $13 more per weekend. Plus, it comes with an additional four guest passes.


Questions about meal plans? Email ndsu.dining@ndsu.edu. 

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