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Procedures (NDSU Disability Services, 701-231-8463)

Students for whom test accommodations have been recommended by Disability Services (DS) as a reasonable accommodation use the following procedures to make the necessary arrangements:

Step 1
New students shall make an appointment with a DS staff person at the beginning of the semester to obtain Exam Reservation Form(s). Returning students may request forms by completing and submitting the Accommodations Request Form for RETURNING students. Please schedule an appointment with your case manager if you are seeking changes to your approved accommodations.

NOTE: students may request exam accommodations at any time; however, these accommodations will not be applied retroactively.

Step 2
The student shall schedule an appointment with the instructor, preferably during the instructor's office hours, to complete the Exam Reservation Form.

  • DS will complete section A of the Exam Reservation Form. 
  • The instructor completes section B of the Exam Reservation Form.
    Discuss where the test will be administered, either in instructor's department or at Disability Services. 

o    Pickup and delivery of the exam is the responsibility of faculty. Faculty may choose to delegate that
      responsibility to their TA's or their office personnel.

o    Exams delivered to Disability Services by the instructor's department must arrive by 5 pm two working days
      prior to the exam date if audio access or text enlarging is needed.

o    Exams delivered to Disability Services by instructor's department must arrive by 5 pm one working day prior
      to the exam date if no format changes are needed.

o    The instructor will clarify special exam conditions, such as whether calculators or formula sheets are allowed,
      or if exam is open book.
o    The instructor will sign the form and make a copy for his/her records if needed. 

  • The student completes section C of the Exam Reservation Form, which includes instructor contact information and test dates. The student shall obtain all examination dates and times for the semester, including date and time of the final exam. Arrangements need to be discussed for exams that conflict with other class times or are in the evening. Disability Services proctors exams only during regular university office hours. Faculty who plan in-class "pop" quizzes and know that the student typically uses test accommodations should contact DS before the quiz to make arrangements.

Step 3
The student will return completed Exam Reservation Form(s) to Disability Services at the Wallman Wellness Center – Rm 170. Incomplete forms will be returned to the student for completion. Completed Exam Reservation Forms are required before testing accommodations will be provided. If student is taking exams at DS, advance notice of 5 business days is needed in order to reserve an exam room. Without this notice DS cannot assure that the accommodations will be available. If the student cannot provide 5 business day notice, options may include the following:

  • Negotiate with the instructor to take the exam with Disability Services at a later date (providing 5 business days notification)
  • Negotiate an alternative accommodation that can be provided within the department.
  • Take the exam in the classroom without accommodations.


  • The student is responsible to be on time for the exam. If the student is more than 15 minutes late for the scheduled exam, time will be deducted from the exam accommodation time. If later than 30 minutes the student may jeopardize the opportunity to take the exam. The instructor will make the determination if the student will be allowed to reschedule the exam at another time. The instructor should follow his/her course policy for missed exams.
  • NOTE: If rescheduled with DS, the instructor will need to notify DS with approval. If DS does not receive confirmation from the instructor, the student will not be permitted to test at that time.
  • Students who need to change or cancel a scheduled exam should notify Disability Services as soon as possible. Students will need to contact the instructor and DS to negotiate an alternative time to take the exam. The instructor needs to confirm the test change with Disability Services. If DS does not receive confirmation from the instructor, the student will not be permitted to test on that date/time.
  • The student is responsible for notifying DS immediately after dropping a class.    



NDSU Disability Services
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