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Alternative Text Requests

Textbook/print conversion
Students who have a need (and are approved) for alternative text format shall submit their requests to the Disability Services office in a timely manner, preferably 60 days before the beginning of the semester (for which the format is needed). Requests submitted shortly before the semester begins or during the first week of classes will be considered late. Disability Services will do its best to fill these requests; however, delayed requests can most definitely produce a delay in access to material.

NOTE: Students already enrolled at NDSU during spring semester are asked to submit alternative text requests for the upcoming fall semester on or before April 15th (in contrast to the 60-day guideline identified above). Submitting this request by April 15th allows time to troubleshoot, when necessary, recognizing that 9-month faculty can readily be contacted if textbook ordering problems occur. It can be much more challenging to contact 9-month faculty once spring semester ends and it's crucial that DS staff have the opportunity to clarify questions as needed prior to conversion of text. Disability Services staff are committed to providing alternative text in a timely manner and we partner with the student and the instructor to ensure adequate movement forward in this process.

  1. The student meets with a DS case manager to request early registration.
  2. The student registers for classes on the date provided by DS in the early registration notification letter.
  3. Within fifteen days after registration, the student contacts DS to request the alternative format (if textbook has not yet been identified by the instructor, please inform Accommodations Coordinator of this matter at

 The student is responsible for providing the following information to Disability Services at the time of the request:

  • A completed Alternative Text Request Form, which requires the textbook title(s), author(s), copyright date, publisher, and edition. The student can obtain this information at the NDSU Bookstore.

    NOTE: In Mozilla Firefox a message will come up about a PDF Viewer. Click on the box in the upper right corner that says "Open with Different Viewer". Save the form to your computer. In Google Chrome a toolbar will appear that allows you to save the file to your computer. Complete the form by typing the requested information into the fields. Save and email it as an attachment

  • Course syllabus and/or reading assignments that cover the first few weeks of class (if possible). The student can obtain this information by contacting the academic department or the instructor of the course.
  1. The student is responsible for purchasing one copy of each required textbook (or print material) for each class and submitting proof of purchase (sales receipt) to the DS case manager or Accommodations Coordinator to receive the alternative format.
  2. It's the student’s responsibility to inform Disability Services if any changes occur in the course syllabi (this ensures a timely response by disability services to convert text according to priority).
  3. It's the student’s responsibility to notify Disability Services within a week before or after a decision is made to drop a course that requires alternative text accommodations.
  4. The student is responsible for retrieving alternative text from the Disability Services office, and listening to the text to ensure that the information provided is accurate. The student shall report any problems with the alternative text to the Accommodations Coordinator as soon as possible.
  5. The student is responsible for returning alternative text to Disability Services at the end of the semester. Students may be charged for unreturned items.

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