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Course Substitutions

Course substitution request procedures (NDSU Policy 606.1)

Step 1
The student shall initiate a course substitution request by obtaining and completing the Request to Waiver and Substitute Courses (RWSC) form from the Office of Registration and Records. The completed form and the following documentation to support the request are submitted to the Disability Services (DS) case manager at a scheduled meeting.

The documentation needs to include:

  • Verification of a disability from a licensed professional
  • Evidence of the current functional impact of the disability in relation to the need for a substitution.
    (The DS case manager will review the form and documentation)

Step 2
The student will schedule a joint meeting with his/her DS case manager and his/her advisor to review the request.

Step 3
After the meeting with the advisor, the DS case manager will provide letters to the departments outlining the request, making a recommendation and providing a disability-related justification.

Step 4
The student delivers the completed RWSC forms and the DS case manager's letter to their department chair for consideration and a decision.

Step 5
If the academic department approves the request for a course substitution, the department chair submits the form and the DS case manager's letter to the college Student Progress Committee Chair.

Step 6

The College Student Progress Committee Chair is responsible for considering the request and making a decision.

Step 7
The Student Progress Committee sends both the signed RWSC form and DS letter to the Office of Registration and Records:

  • The Office of Registration and Records notifies the student of the committee's decision.
  • If the request is denied and the student wants DS to help him/her with the appeal, the student will make a request for help from the DS case manager.
  • If the student wishes to appeal a denial of a request, the form for the appeal can be obtained at the Office of Registration and Records.

Step 8
If the student is dissatisfied with the outcome of the appeal, s/he can choose to file a grievance using NDSU's Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation Complaint Procedures (NDSU Policy 156).

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