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Individual responsibilities for students using sign language interpreting and captioning services.


  • Request sign language interpreting from Disability Services (DS).
    Interpreter/captioning service is not available after the last day of class unless specifically requested. Students wanting  interpreting/captioning for class-related activities during finals week or during the final exam must make a separate request.

Course request form - interpreting/captioning class request 

Out-of-class request form - out-of-class interpreting or captioning request 

  • Follow the policy statement for students using sign language interpreting/captioning services.
  • Notify Disability Services of any course schedule changes or absences.
  • Consult with your Disability Specialist about how to access the lecture when interpreting is not available.
  • Visit with your professor about using alternate means of communication when interpreting is not available.
  • Report any concern or problem to Disability Services immediately, so appropriate measures can be taken to correct the situation.

    NOTE: DS will not support requests for changing tests or assignment due dates if the problem was not reported in a timely manner.


  • Determine if sign language interpreting is an appropriate accommodation for the individual student.
  • Schedule the interpreters for the classes requested by the student.
  • Assist the student in identifying a back-up plan if interpreting does not occur due to different circumstances.
  • Educate and consult with faculty about sign language interpreters in the classroom.
  • Hire, orient and evaluate the interpreters.
  • Address concerns or problems reported by the student to DS in a timely manner.


  • Interpret the academic content of the course.
  • When possible, arrive early for the first class in order to meet the professor and clarify the interpreter’s role.
  • Provide interpreting on class days, including field trips and other required class activities.
  • Conduct self in a professional manner and follow the Registry of Interpreters of the Deaf(RID) Code of Ethics Code of Professional Conduct


  • Collaborate with Disability Services to provide interpreting in the class.
  • When requested, provide the interpreter with a syllabus, handouts, text (if available) and other materials specific to the course.
  • Maintain a classroom environment that allows the interpreter to function effectively. Examples include: ensuring the  interpreter can hear the speaker(s); allowing the interpreter to sit and/or stand in a location visible to the student(s);   provide adequate lighting when showing videos/films.
  • Ensure the videos are captioned and films are scripted.
  • Notify the interpreter, as you do the students, of any changes to the syllabus.
  • Cooperate with Disability Services to record lectures when interpreting/captioning services are not available.

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