Helpful Tips

  • The entire accommodation process must be student initiated. It is not the post-secondary institution’s responsibility to initiate the accommodation process for the student.
  • While parents may want to advocate for their student and assist in the accommodation process, confidentiality laws prohibit NDSU personnel from discussing information with anyone, including parents, without written consent from the student.
  • The student is responsible for ensuring that appropriate documentation is obtained and received by NDSU Disability Services.
  • Accommodations such as note-taking services and testing accommodations require the student to follow certain procedures. If these procedures are not followed, the student could risk losing the support of these accommodations.
  • When the student experiences any difficulties with their accommodations or if the status of their disability changes, it is their responsibility to inform Disability Services as soon as possible. If Disability Services does not hear from the student, it will be assumed that all is well.
  • Each semester, it is the student’s responsibility to request accommodations for all of their courses through the Bison Accessibility Portal. Accommodations are not put in place until requested by the student.
  • Students are encouraged to open a file with Disability Services, even if they think they might not use services.It is much easier to request accommodations mid-semester if the initial paperwork is completed already.
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