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About Campus Climate

Positive climate for diversity is very important for students to succeed in achieving their degrees from Universities. This is especially true for minority/multicultural students (Morrow, et al., 2000). The factors that are generally mentioned as contributing to the dropout rates and poor academic accomplishment of minority students are; (1) a lack of financial funds; 2) poor academic attentiveness; and 3) a lack of social support (Morgan, 1990). The lack of social support that minority student receive on most college campuses is due to the absence of a positive campus climate for diversity.


Campus climate is defined by North Dakota State University as a measure of the campus environment as it relates to interpersonal, academic, and professional interactions. Climate measure can be a representation of discrimination/harassment and perceived discrimination and harassment.


The purpose of this study is to assess the organizational climate for diversity with regard to issues of discrimination and harassment at NDSU. The study is aimed at measuring progress over the past 5 years at NDSU, with regard to the Strategic Plan for Diversity, Equity and Community. The Strategic Plan established 5 components of campus climate and their related objectives:

Institutional Commitment – Create an environment where everyone feels welcome, respected and safe;

Learning & Pedagogy – Develop a learning environment that guides students, faculty and staff to think critically about social justice issues in the classroom and workplace and provides everyone with the tools to think critically;

Research & Creative Activity – Engage in research and creative activity that reflect multicultural values and perspectives;

Recruitment & Retention – Increase representation of historically underrepresented populations among faculty, staff, students and administrators; and

Inter-group & Intra-group Relations – Celebrate human differences and recognize socially constructed differences through encouraging and supporting the continuing interaction of diverse cultures.


Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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