Emergency Management Scholarship

Two to four $500 scholarships will be available to those accepted into the emergency management major annually. Students must have completed at least 12 credits in emergency management and be in good academic standing to be eligible. Preference will be given to students with a 3.0 cumulative GPA or higher and a 3.2 GPA or higher in the major. Preference will also be given to those who have actively participated in the Emergency Management Student Organization (EMSA) and who have taken steps towards their professional development outside of the classroom.

Two to four $250 scholarships will also be available to individuals who select the Homeland Security minor option. 

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George A. Youngs Jr. Emergency Management Scholarship
The George A. Youngs Jr. Emergency Management Scholarship of $250 will be awarded annually in recognition of the student who displays passion and enthusiasm for emergency management. The nomination process is faculty led. Dr. Youngs advocated and built the emergency management programs at North Dakota State University from mere ideas to reality. Up to the point he spearheaded the development of emergency management at NDSU, he had been a sociology scholar. Yet, he displayed unparalleled passion and kid-like energy for this new area of study. He devoted himself to learning and teaching emergency management in the last decade of his career at NDSU where others may have opted to relax. Faculty will watch our student body each year for a student with similar passion and energy about emergency management and recognize it with the George A. Youngs Jr. Emergency Management Scholarship.

Additional Scholarship Opportunities

The NDSU General Scholarship Application for current students is now available!  Don't miss out on an opportunity to apply for scholarship funds for next year.  You can find the electronic application by clicking the link at the bottom of this page. 

The deadline date for AHSS scholarships each year is March 1.  

AHSS scholarships applications are online.

 Ø Once you submit the online scholarship application, make sure to log in periodically to see if there are any new scholarships recommended for you that require additional responses.

 Ø Be sure to complete the FAFSA by February 1st each year to be considered for any need-based scholarships offered by NDSU.

 Ø All external scholarships (those offered by organizations outside of NDSU) have been moved to the online scholarship system.  Once you click on the “apply to” button, go to “opportunities” -> “external” to view and/or apply.

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International Association of Emergency Managers Scholarships
The International Association of Emergency Managers established the Scholarship Program to nurture, promote and develop disaster preparedness and resistance by furthering the education of students studying the field of emergency management, disaster management or a related program.

The purpose of the program is to assist the profession by identifying and developing students with the intellect and technical skills that can advance and enhance emergency management or disaster management.

The IAEM Scholarship Program grew through many years of leadership by its co-founder, Robert C. Bohlmann, CEM. In his honor, an undergraduate scholarship was established: The Robert C. Bohlmann, CEM, Scholarship for Service in Emergency Management. This scholarship will be awarded to an undergraduate student who has the highest score under the scholarship rating system. The Scholarship Commission welcomes donations in Bob’s name to further his mission. Other undergraduate and graduate scholarships will be awarded as IAEM scholarships.

The program is sustained through donations from individuals and corporations. The Scholarship Commission’s current goal is to reach $1 million in the endowment fund to ensure IAEM Scholarships into the foreseeable future.

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Professional Development Ambassador Fund

The Department of Emergency Management at North Dakota State University is thrilled to roll out  the Emergency Management Professional Development Ambassador Fund.

Thanks to the generosity of our alumni, program faculty, and other program supporters, emergency management majors and graduate students will be able to access a one hundred dollar stipend for every qualifying professional development activity they attend as a representative of the Department of Emergency Management and successfully complete—up to 5 per calendar year.

Qualifying professional development activities are trainings, workshops, conferences, and experiential learning events where student attendance enhances the Department’s reputation and supports strengthening the Department’s network. It is incumbent on higher education in this field to address both concerns with practice, and we want to promote doing so in a way that also happens to serve students. Thus, professional development activities must also support implementation of the student’s Individual Development Plan (IDP) from the EMGT 222: Career and Professional Development course or otherwise support the student’s evolving career goals.

All students need to do to access these funds is submit the short application form in which they indicate a) what professional development activity they intend to pursue, b) describe the connection between that activity and implementation of their IDP/evolving career goals, and c) affirm how attendance supports the Department’s reputation/network. 

Department Faculty

The Department of Emergency Management faculty are the best resource available to students. Faculty are available and accessible to students (in fact, it is common that department syllabi contain the faculty member’s cellphone number!). And, faculty are more than advisors who help students craft schedules that lead to graduation. Instead, department faculty get to know each student well and personally. Faculty actively mentor students inside and outside of course with respect to personal and professional development. When you become a student in emergency management, you become part of our family.

Connect and Study in the Emergency Management Student Lounge

As of Fall 2017, emergency management students have a lounge in which to relax, study, and chat with colleagues thanks to contributions from faculty and alumni to the Emergency Management Fund at the Alumni Development Foundation.

The room is available whenever the Department of Emergency Management suite (Minard 428B) is open (typically 8am-5pm). The Department Head's office is right next to the lounge and all of the other department faculty and staff offices are in the same suite. The close proximity of the Lounge and Department offices allows students, staff, and faculty to interact both informally and formally throughout the week and is one more way we build family @demndsu.

Other critical information: There are work spaces, couches, chairs, plenty of plugs, and a refrigerator. And don’t be surprised if you find snacks appearing in the room on and off throughout the year. 

Emergency Management Student Association

The Emergency Management Student Association (EMSA) is the local student chapter of the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM). EMSA coordinates speaker series, networking events, training events, field trips, and service learning projects for its members for the benefit of the professional development of members. The organization holds regular meetings throughout the academic year. Membership in the association is low cost and open to all North Dakota State University students. 

Alumni Network and Events

The Department of Emergency Management is blessed to have alumni who support all of its programs and the students within them. Alumni routinely speak in courses, allow students to informally interview and job shadow with them, help connect students to resources, help students build their professional network, inform students of job openings and more. Department faculty ensure that students are connected with the alumni in the best position to help them. Additionally, alumni attend events we term “family reunions” (because it is like getting the family back together every time we have such an event). Students are invited to attend these events at no cost so that they have the opportunity to informally network and get a sense of the kinds of jobs that they too might pursue.

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