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Administrative Rights Policy for the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Review NDSU policy:

1) Assigned computers are NDSU-owned, not personal property.

2) DO NOT install any software without written approval from your supervisor (email approval is fine). 

  • Administrator privileges are granted as a token of convenience, not to give you the right to do as you choose on your computer.  Use of unlicensed or pirated software will be reported to your advisor and at the very least get your administrative rights revoked.
  • If you are unsure about whether you can legally use a software application, ask ECE IT staff; DO NOT assume.

3) NDSU computers are to be utilized for research and educational work, not entertainment.

  • DO NOT install any gaming or other entertainment software on your computer, unless it is directly related to your NDSU work, and has been approved by your supervisor, as required for installing any new software (see previous bullet).

4) DO NOT use any kind of torrent program. 

  • NDSU ITS monitors for that kind of traffic and when they detect it they will block your computer from the network and require explanation and more before allowing your computer on the network again.  At the very least you will lose administrator privileges for your computer.

5) Logon to your non-administrator account for your normal work; only logon to your administrator account or enter your administrator credentials for specific purposes, such as installing new software that you have approval to install.

  • Local administrator accounts will grant the ability to configure or install things when necessary, but should not be used for normal day-to-day computing.  The risk of adverse effects on your computer is exponentially higher when using an administrative account.  Only use an administrative account for a specific need, and then make sure to do your work as your normal account otherwise.

6) Administrative accounts are only offered for computers specifically assigned for your use.

  • You will not have admin rights to other computers you may logon to, only the specific computer assigned for your use.

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Last Updated: Tuesday, December 22, 2015 4:29:32 PM
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