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While Dr. Kavasseri hails (for the most part) from Bangalore, India, he solemnly claims equal allegiance to the southern Indian states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Of late (over the last four years) he has been trying his best to come to terms with the cold (literally) yet warm (figuratively) nature of the state of North Dakota, despite his tropical makeup. Professional interests apart, he enjoys reading, long rides on his motorcycle (there was a time when he counted on the sun and the wind to dry him if the rain got him wet while riding), gardening, and whiling away the rest of his time with his family.

Favorite Quote: "Only the poet or the saint can water an asphalt pavement in the confident anticipation that lilies will reward his labour"

William Somerset Maugham (in The Moon and Six Pence)

Academic Career:

Dr. Kavasseri received his B.E in 1995 from Visvesvaraya Regional College of Engineering at Nagpur, India, his M.S. in 1998 from the Indian Institute of Science at Bangalore, India and his Ph.D. in 2002 from Washington State University at Pullman, WA, all in Electrical Engineering/

Professional Career:

Dr. Kavasseri has been a faculty member with NDSU since Aug 2002. He also had a brief stint as a research and development engineer in charge of designing the contact systems for circuit breakers at General Electric, or GEC-ALSTOM (erstwhile), Bangalore, India from July 1995 to July 1996.

Research Interests: 

Dr. Kavasseri’s primary research interests are focused on the dynamics, stability and control of electric power systems. Of late, he has been working on suitable methods to model and analyze the impact of time delays on the dynamic performance of power systems. He also has keen interests in the areas of nonlinear dynamics, time series analysis, computational neuroscience and mathematical biology (the more, the merrier!)

Professional Activities and Service:

Dr. Kavasseri has served as a proposal reviewer for the National Science Foundation, besides regularly reviewing journal (IEEE Trans. on Power Systems, Intl. Journal of Electric and Energy Systems) and conference papers in the power and energy systems areas.

Awards and Honors:

Dr. Kavasseri was awarded the Gold Medal for the best Master’s Thesis (in the Division of Electrical Sciences – which includes the Departments of Electrical Eng., Electronics Eng., and Computer Sciences/Automation) at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore [1999]. While at Washington State University, he was awarded a Teaching Fellowship which is (usually!) conferred upon meritorious graduate students.

Selected Publications:

  1. Rajesh G. Kavasseri "A Qualitative Analysis of Boundary Layer Wind Speed Records ", (in press) Fluctuations and Noise Letters",. Vol.xx, No.y, 2006.
  2. Rajesh G. Kavasseri and R. Nagarajan "Synchronization in Electrically Coupled Neural Networks ", (in press) Complex Systems",. Vol.xx, No.y, 2006.
  3. Rajesh G. Kavasseri "Analysis of Subharmonic Oscillations in a Ferroresonant Circuit ", "International Journal of Electric Power and Energy Systems", Vol.28(3) pp: 207-214, March 2006.
  4. Rajesh G. Kavasseri "Delay Induced Oscillations in a Fundamental Power System Model","Nonlinear Phenomena in Complex Systems"Vol.8, No.1 pp : 62-67, 2005.
  5. R. Nagarajan and Rajesh G. Kavasseri, "Minimizing the effect of periodic and quasi-periodic trends in detrended fluctuation analysis of long range correlated noise,"Chaos, Solitons and Fractals, 26(3), pp : 777-784, (2005), 2005.
  6. R. Nagarajan and Rajesh G. Kavasseri, "Minimizing the effect of trends on detrended fluctuation analysis of long range correlated noise," Physica A, vol. 354, pp: 182-198, (Aug 15, 2005).
  7. Rajesh G. Kavasseri and R. Nagarajan, "A Multifractal Description of Wind Speed Records", Chaos, Solitons and Fractals. Vol. 24, No.1 pp : 165 - 173, 2005.
  8. Rajesh G. Kavasseri and R. Nagarajan, "Evidence of Crossover Phenomena in Wind Speed Data", IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems : Part I : Fundamental Theory and Applications. Vol.51 (11), pp : 2255-2262, November 2004
  9. R. Nagarajan and Rajesh G. Kavasseri, "Minimizing the effect of sinusoidal trends in detrended fluctuation analysis," (in press) International Journal of Bifurcations and Chaos, Vol.15, no.2, pp: 1767-1763, 2005
  10. Rajesh G. Kavasseri, "Steady State Analysis of Induction Generator Infinite Bus Systems," (to appear) International Journal of Power and Energy Systems, 2004.
  11. G. Mahalingam Rajesh G. Kavasseri, "Improving Objective Digital Images With Neuronal Processing: A Computational Approach, Intl. Journal of Architectural Computing}, 2(2), pp: 143-153, (2004).
  12. Rajesh G. Kavasseri and K. R. Padiyar "Analysis of Bifurcations in a Power System Model with Excitation Limits" International Journal of Bifurcations and Chaos, Vol.11 (9), 2001, pp : 2509 - 2517.
  13. Rajesh G. Kavasseri and K. R. Padiyar, "Bifurcation Analysis of a three node power system with detailed models", International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems,21 (5), 2000, pp : 375-393.
  14. Rajesh G. Kavasseri [Rajesh K. G.] "Expert systems: their implications and applications for power systems "IEEE Potentials Vol. 16, No. 2, April-May 1997, pp : 35-37.

Selected Conference Publications:

  1. Rajesh G. Kavasseri and R. Nagarajan, "Synchronization of Burst Activity in a Gap-Junction Coupled Array of Bursting Neurons," (accepted) SIAM Conference on the Life Sciences Portland, Oregon, July 2004.
  2. Rajesh G. Kavasseri, "Bifurcations in a Synaptically Coupled Morris-Lecar Neuron Model", Proc. HawaiiInternational Conference on Sciences Honolulu, Hawaii, January 2004
  3. V. Venkatasubramanian and Rajesh G. Kavasseri "Direct Computation of Generator Internal Dynamic States from Terminal Measurements," Proc. 37th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, Big Island, Hawaii, January 2004.
  4. Rajesh G. Kavasseri "Analytical Prediction of Subharmonic Oscillations in a Ferroresonant Circuit," Proc. 35th North American Power Symposium, Rolla, Missouri, October 2003
  5. Rajesh G. Kavasseri "Steady State Analysis of an Induction Generator Infinite Bus System," Proc. IASTED International Conf. on Power and Energy Systems, Marbella, Spain, September 2003.
  6. Prakash Ranganathan and Rajesh G. Kavasseri "A method for Flicker Severity Evaluation using the Hadamard Transform," Proc. Frontiers of Power, Stillwater, Oklahoma , September 2003.

Selected Technical Reports:

  1. Tuning Studies (4)" submitted to BPA Transmission and Planning, May 18, 2000.
  2. Rajesh G. Kavasseri and V. Venkatasubramanian, Technical Report : "Preliminary Report on PSS Tuning Studies (3)" submitted to BPA Transmission and Planning, April 7, 2001.



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