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The following is a very abbreviated list of steps for new employees.  The full version of the onboarding process can be found on the NDSU Human Resources and Payroll (HR/P) website

As stated above the information below is just a general and brief overview of the steps that need to be taken to hire a new employee.  See Graduate Student Payroll, Hourly Payroll, and/or Student Responsibility for Hiring below for more detailed directions as appropriate.

  1. Department has employee fill out Employment Information Form and retains for use during Step 4.  This form can be found at
  2. Department sends employee to HR/P with ID’s for I-9, employee completes paper I-9 Section 1 and 2.
  3. Employee returns to department with Approval Sheet (received from HR/P), stating employee is able to be hired as of that date (or later).
  4. Department initiates Hire in Manager Self Service and uploads Employment Information Form and Approval Sheet.
  5. Employee gets e-mail with Temp ID and Temp Password to enter basic Bio-Demo info.
  6. Hire continues through MSS workflow to HR/P. If employee has entered basic Bio-Demo info, hire is finalized by HR/P.
  7. Employee gets second email with permanent Empl ID, link to claim NDUS Account, and link to complete online Activity Guide.

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This is the responsibility of the faculty hiring the GRA to complete, not the student.

The graduate contracts can be found at:

Graduate Assistantship Contract (academic year)
Summer Graduate Assistantship Contract
Graduate Assistantship Contract Addendum

Effective April 2018, Graduate Contracts will be electronic only, hard copies are no longer necessary.

  1. The advisor initiates the contract, digitally signs it, saves it as a PDF, and e-mails the PDF document Laura Dallmann.
    NOTE: Please, do not use the "Submit" button. The student will use the "Submit" button when they are ready to send it to the Graduate School.
  2. Laura will review the contract for completeness, check funding, and e-mail the contract to the student.  Laura will then process the appropriate paperwork.
  3. The graduate student will review the contract, digitally sign it and submit it to the Graduate School.  The student should also copy Laura Dallmann after completing the contract.

How to Complete the Contract

NOTE: the student MUST be enrolled as a student for the duration of the contract during the academic year.

  • IMPORTANT: In the responsibilities section include the funding info. If funding is not included, Laura will return the contract.
  • Be sure to complete the performance review date and the date for delivering the form to the Graduate School.
  • Keep in mind starting dates cannot be backdated so allow enough time for processing. (Preferred dates are the first or 16th of the month.)
  • You, as the PI or advisor, need to sign where it says the "Department Head or Designee."
  • To watch a video on how to sign the electronic contract, click the link (the video has no sound):

Below is a sample including the generic responsibility description developed by Dr. Smith for your convenience. Modify it as needed or appropriate.  Again, be sure to include the funding information.

Click her to see the example for the contract pages one, two, and three.


SAMPLE OF “Your specific responsibilities include:” SECTION

Funding: FAR0012345
RA Responsibilities:
- Meet with your supervisor on a regular basis to review and understand the research goals and assignments your supervisor has set.
- Perform all required research tasks to your supervisor’s satisfaction.
- Adhere to all timelines required in the research project.
- Ensure ethical conduct in all research tasks.
- Be familiar and compliant with the university’s policies on research involving human subjects or animals.


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To hire an hourly employee, please, complete the Hourly Employee Request Form.  This form needs to be completed by the faculty/staff member hiring the student/employee.  The student/employee does not complete this form.

Make sure the employee (whether a student or not) completes the Student Responsibilities BEFORE they begin working.

Once hired, hourly employees will need to fill out time sheets found on the Forms page and e-mail them to Laura Dallmann at the end of each pay period.  For more details, contact Laura directly.

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  1. All students need to complete the Employment Information Form found at or go to, select the "Human Resources/Payroll" drop down menu and find the Employment Information Form
  2. If the student is not currently employed at NDSU, then he/she will need to go to the HR/Payroll Office.  The HR/Payroll Office will give the student a yellow form (the Approval Sheet) that needs to be returned to Laura Dallmann.  The date on that form is the earliest the student can start working if they are not already on payroll at NDSU.
  3. Both items (as necessary) need to be turned in to Laura Dallmann before she can proceed with the request to hire.

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  1. Lab supplies and equipment go through Jeff.  You may need to complete the ECE Parts Ordering Form found on the Resources - Forms page.
  2. Computer and software purchases go through CoE Tech Support.
  3. Office supplies, travel, and other miscellaneous requests and reimbursements go through Laura Dallmann.
  4. NDSU work orders are only submitted by Jeff, Laura, or Anne.  Any requests requiring money need to be verified by Jeff and/or Laura prior to submission. 
  5. NDSU Bookstore: When authorized to make a purchase at the NDSU Bookstore, sign, date, and notate funding source on the receipt and turn it in to Laura upon completion of purchase.
  6. Posters: The appropriate faculty member must send funding information to Laura.  Laura will then send authorization to NDSU Design and Sign with the full funding information.  When this has been done, Laura will notify the student(s) when the authorizaton has been sent.  When going to NDSU Design and Sign be sure to reference the e-mail from Laura.

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Meal reimbursements are completed online through PeopleSoft finance module.  Documentation is based on an itemized receipt which cannot contain alcohol.  The reimbursement must also be accompanied by a Banquet and Meeting Documentation Form found at

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Faculty/Staff Travel

Review Policy 515 for the travel policy at

Travel approval must be completed prior to travel.  Visit and find the Travel Authorization - Out-of-State.  Fill the authorization form out as completely as possible.  It may be required as part of the reimbursement process.

Laura Dallmann is allowed to pay for airfare and conference registration prior to travel.  Laura generally uses a local travel agent for airfare.  If you would like Laura to pay for conference registration, it will be taken care of in her office, on her computer.  You will complete all the personal information and Laura will complete the payment information.

Reimbursement for expenses will take place after travel by bringing all itemized receipts to Laura's office.  Meal reimbursements will be done based on per diem - no receipts necessary.  Please, make an appointment with Laura to schedule reimbursement.  This process can take between 15-30 minutes depending on the complexity of the travel.  Generally, foreign travel is more complicated and takes longer.  Do not bring credit card statements for domestic travel.  Any travel to foreign countries requires credit card statements for purchases made.

Faculty may request funds from the ECE Department using the ECE travel request form.

Student Travel

Students can request support by using the ECE travel request form. After travel, students can visit with Laura Dallmann to process reimbursement appropriately.  As with staff/faculty travel, Laura is able to pay for airfare and conference registration prior to travel.  This will only be done after travel funds have been approved by the proper authority and the "Payment for Student Travel" form is completed - see below for how to find the form.  

The same reimbursement process is followed for staff, faculty, and students.

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Any students being reimbursed for travel expenses need to have the "Payment for Student Travel" form completed in order to process the payment. This includes payment of airfare or conference reimbursement before travel and expense reimbursement after travel has occurred.

Please, go to the NDSU Forms page, Accounting, and search for "Student Travel Payment" if the following link does not work (

There is a link on the "Student Travel Payment" form to the "Accounts Payable Voucher."  Please, do not fill that out.  That will be completed by Laura as appropriate.

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  1. EE 121 and 211 access is based on enrollment reports from Registration and Records the first week of classes for spring and fall semesters.  No requests are necessary unless a student is new to our department at which time they can contact Laura Dallmann directly.  Laura will need their full name and NDSU ID number.
  2. A Glenn Hill Center (formerly STEM building) is based on course instructor and TA assignment as per Campus Connection and is updated on a daily basis.  To update Campus Connection, please, send course (i.e., ECE 331) and TA name and ID# to Eileen "Anne" Campbell or Laura Dallmann via e-mail. Note: students enrolled in classes will not be given card key access to AGHill as per NDSU policies.
  3. Please, make all requests via e-mail to Laura Dallmann.
    a.      EE rooms 233, 235, and 237:  The required info is student name, NDSU ID # and expiration date of access.  Students do not have to see Laura in person for these labs.  For class based requests, send Laura the ECE course number(s) and she will retrieve the required data from Campus Connection.  She will use the last date of classes as the expiration date if not otherwise included.  
    >>>>Staff and faculty lab keys open all of the internal card-key secured doors so no card access is required.
    b.     All EE other labs require name, room number, and exact expiration date such as 8/15/2020. Anne will get all other information directly from the student.
    >>>>Please, do not just send the student(s) to Anne to get the keys.  She will contact students directly when the keys are ready.

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Below are the listserv addresses available for ECE business.  All of the prefixes are followed by the standard at listserv DOT nodak DOT edu. All addresses in our department are moderated.  That means, simply send your e-mail to the appropriate address below and Laura or Anne will approve e-mails that are appropriate.


ECEALLECE Staff, Faculty, and Lecturers
ECEFACECE Faculty, Anne and Laura
ECEGRADSGraduate Students
NDSU-CPTRE-STUDENTSComputer Engineering Students
NDSU-EE-STUDENTSElectrical Engineering Students
NDSU-ECE-STUDENTSALL ECE Students - Graduates and Undergraduates

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Please, remember that as the telephone administrator for the department, all requests for phone services, repairs, etc. need to go through Laura Dallmann.  If you call Telecommunications directly, they will refer you back to Laura.

Below are some newer services available that you can control and change online.

1.      To request to receive voice messages and corresponding text via e-mail, please, contact Laura.
2.      Voice messages accessibility options can be found at the Telecommunications page
3.      Calling bridge (See below for details.)
4.      New analog phones are available if you’d like to trade them in.
5.      Telephone Information and Instructions - on how to make phone calls, five-digit dialing, access voicemail, important phone numbers and more.

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From campus, individuals can call other campuses, University System Offices, and ND State Government offices in Bismarck (328 prefix; 701-328-xxxx) by dialing five digits.  It works just like telephoning an extension on campus.  In addition, calls to non-328 prefix State Government offices, located throughout ND, will not require an authorization code or incur long distance charges.  To reach these offices dial all 10-digits (701-xxx-xxxx); there is no need to dial 9 and 1 first. 

Below is a table that shows the campuses and offices which currently have this service and the first of the five digits used to call each (xxxx represents the local campus/government office extension).  In the example 7-1234, 7 is the first digit to call UND and 1234 is the local extension at UND:

Campus    Dial     
Dakota College Bottineau (DCB)2-xxxx
Lake Region State College (LRSC)2-xxxx
Mayville State University (MaSU)3-xxxx
North Dakota State College of Science (NDSCS)     3-xxxx
North Dakota State Government (Bismarck 328 #s)  8-xxxx
North Dakota State University (NDSU)1-xxxx
NDSU Dickinson Research Extension Center (DREC)2-xxxx
North Dakota University System Office (NDUS - Bismarck 328 #s)  8-xxxx
University of North Dakota (UND)7-xxxx
Valley City State University (VCSU)3-xxxx

This system utilizes advanced VoIP trunk technology in conjunction with the North Dakota STAGEnet network, and respective long distance costs have been included in the existing monthly communications rate.  The connection between University System campuses and University System Offices  to State Government offices is significant in that State Government owns the same Avaya telephone platform as NDSU, allowing for seamless integration.  Design engineering for VoIP 5-digit dialing to additional University System campuses has already begun.

This information is directly from provided by the Telecommunications Department.

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The ECE department has three calling bridges available.  Please, contact Laura or Ben for the calling info and schedule.

Avaya Aura Conferencing is a personal on-demand conferencing service available from on or off campus and can be used as needed.   As a subscriber of NDSU digital or VOIP phone service this feature is provided a no additional charge.   The system employs two codes to control the conference.  The Moderator code is your personal code which is used to start a conference.  The conference will not start until the moderator has joined the conference using the moderator code.  The second code is the participant code.  This code is distributed to anyone you wish to join one of your conferences.   These codes do not change and will be used for all of your conferences.

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Only the Department Chair can see who has and has not completed these trainings for ECE faculty and staff.  They are updated twice a month in conjunction with payroll so any changes between those dates are not visible from the main portal.  There are two access points so it can get a little confusing but the best “starting point” is at if you have any questions.

Graduate student on payroll are also required to complete the minimal trainings.  Laura Dallmann has access to that information.  Same rules apply.

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Current office hours can be found at

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This is a reminder that Laura Dallmann is a notary public for the State of North Dakota.  The CoE Dean’s Office has sponsored this certification so there is no charge for notary services either personal or business related.

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