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Degree Program: PhD in Environmental and Conservation Sciences

Co-Advisors: Dr. John M. McEvoy & Dr. Mark E. Clark

Office: Van Es 193

Phone: 231-8329



May 2008, B.S. in Zoology from NDSU (emphasis fisheries, wildlife, ecology and behavior)

Research interests

Conservation biology, wildlife diseases, taxonomy, ecology, animal behavior

Thesis/ dissertation research

My dissertation research focuses on host-parasite co-evolution and host specific adaptation of Cryptosporidium species and animals.  I am also looking into the relationship between Cryptosporidium in wildlife and surface water along the Buffalo River watershed near Hawley, MN.

I am collecting fecal samples (with help from some volunteers) from any species I can get my hands on.  Please let me know if you have any fecal samples, especially from wildlife and/or zoo animals, that I could extract DNA from.

Awards and Honors

2007 North Dakota State Chapter of the Wildlife Society Student Academic Award

GraSUS Fellowship 2008-2009

Selected Publications/Presentations/Posters

Feltus, D.C; Giddings, C.W.; Schneck, B.L.; Monson, T; Warshauer, D; McEvoy, J.M.; 2006.  “Evidence  supporting zoonotic transmission of Cryptosporidium in Wisconsin.”  Journal of Clinical Microbiology 44: 4303-4308.

Feltus, D.C; Giddings, C.W.; Schneck, B.L; McEvoy, J.M.  Poster.  “Evidence that Cryptosporidium parvum is the primary cause of sporadic Cryptosporidiosis in Wisconsin.”

Rummel, S.A.; Giddings, C.W.; Schneck, B.L; McEvoy, J.M. “Cryptosporidium Detection Methods in Water.”  Poster presentation by the 2006 Governor’s School Students.

Kaous, M.; Vogel-Ciernia, A.; Schneck, B.; Giddings, C.; McEvoy, J.;  2008.  Two Poster presentations. “Role of Rhomboid Protease in cleavage of Thrombospondin Related Adhesive Protein (TRAP) during attachment to host cells of Cryptosporidium parvum.”




Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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