Alec Lackmann

Why I joined the ECS Ph.D. Program

I joined the ECS Ph.D. program because I enjoy science, study and the pursuit of knowledge. I feel that this program will continue my journey towards my academic and personal goals, as well as facilitate my way toward a rewarding and fulfilling career.

My research

My research focuses on arctic invertebrates of the tundra biome. My thesis research focuses on Chironomid (midge fly) ecology within tundra ponds and wetlands of the high arctic. My research may specifically address temperature dependence of two early adult-emerging species of midge called Trichotanypus alaskensis and Psectrocladius species 2, as well as establishing their absolute pupation time as a function of degree-hours. Deciphering more precisely the base temperature of growth and development of these organisms is another potential of this research. I may also pursue research in the realm of allometric scaling. Determining the instar-to-instar scaling exponent(s) of a select group of abundant Arctic Chironomids, as well as Nemoura arctica (Arctic stonefly) is of interest.