Chaipon Juntawang

Why I joined the ECS Ph.D. Program

The ECS Ph.D. Program answers my scholarship requirement and my interests. I realized that the program is a powerful combination of many environmental fields that can be harnessed to develop environmental management programs on a sustainable basis.

The scope and coverage of the ECS Program linked human and social processes that affect environmental and natural resources. My experience as a government officer working on a variety of environmental projects has led me to believe that technology will be a great success when it supports the environmental and conserves natural resources. Thus, ECS is definitely the one that can be support my career when I return to Thailand.

My research

My research interests can be broadly defined as wastewater treatment. My thesis research is aimed at combining two outstanding wastewater treatment systems to overcome the disadvantages of each system. The new invented wastewater treatment system will be called “ Cell Entrapment - MBR System”. The system combines (1) Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) System and (2) Cell Entrapment System. The MBR system is the outstanding system that provides high quality effluent water compared with other wastewater treatment systems, but membrane fouling is the main obstacle delaying the widespread use of this system. Thus, I have designed the experiment that introduces Cell Entrapment technique which provides better conditions for bacteria and it is expected that these conditions will delay membrane fouling in the MBR system.