Future Students

Financial Assistance

The applicant should contact a prospective mentor to identify sources of financial aid. Teaching and research assistantships may be available through funded research or participating departments. Applicants are considered on the basis of scholarship and potential to undertake advanced study and research. Contact the Student Financial Services for information and applications regarding scholarships.

Program Administration

The graduate program is administered by the ECS Steering Committee. The committee is composed of four ECS graduate faculty members representing four different colleges: Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources; Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences; Engineering; and Science and Mathematics. Four alternate members are also selected to substitute on the committee when necessary. Steering Committee members, who serve overlapping three-year terms, are elected at a yearly meeting of the ECS faculty. The committee also includes a student member which is nominated annually by the ECS Graduate Student Association.

The ECS Program Director presides over ECS Steering Committee meetings. The duties of the ECS Steering Committee include:

  1. Review of requests to join the ECS faculty and
  2. Program review and administration.