Greenbag Seminar series

Spring 2015

  • Jan. 27: Eakalak Khan- Civil and Environmental Engineering Department
    "Meet the Director"

  • Feb. 3: Dr. Lydia Tackett-Geosciences Department
    "Comparative Environmental Effects of Large  Bolide Impacts Events: Identifying Catastrophic Perturbation
     Marine Paleocommunities"

  • Feb. 10: Dr. Xuefeng Chu-Civil and Environmental Engineering Department
    "Delineation of Prairie Potholes & Modeling of Their Dynamics- A Potential Ecohydrologic Approach"

  • Feb. 17: Dr. Yasumasa Ogawa- Graduate School of Engineering and Resource Science, Akita University, Japan
    Effect of Neutralization Plant & Dam on Distribution of As in the Watershed Affected by the Tamagawa Thermal Water"

  • Feb. 24: Dr. Ned Dochtermann-Biological Sciences Department     
    "Individual Variation to Population Variation"

  • Mar. 3: Nazea Khan Chowdhury, ECS Ph.D. student-Agribusiness and Applied Economics Department     
    "Developing Decision Criteria for Soil Salinity Management Options on Cropland: A Case Study on Southeast ND"

  • Mar.10: Shawn Goodchild, ECS Ph.D. student-Biological Sciences Department 
    "What to do with Desert Fish: Life History & Co-persistence in Ex-Situ Refuges of Pahrump Poolfish"

  • Mar. 24: Danijela Ljepoja, ECS M.S. student-Geosciences Department
    "Characterization of Road Dust in Western ND"

  • Mar. 31: Boonsiri Dandumrongsin, ECS M.S. student-Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Department
    "Contribution of Soluble Microbial Products on Dissolved Organic Nitrogen & it's Biodegradability in Wastewater Effluent"

  • Mar. 31: Tong Lin, ECS M.S. student-Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Department
    "How does Oil & Gas Production in the Bakken Impact Water Use in ND"

  • Apr. 7: Heather Inczauskis, ECS M.S. student-Biological Sciences Department
    "Influence of Habitat Connectivity & Land Use on Seasonal Movements of the Northern Leopard Frog"

  • Apr. 7: Hannah Passolt, ECS M.S. student-Biological Sciences Department
    "Nanomaterials & Plants: Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes & ZnO Nanoparticles"

  • Apr. 14: Dr. Say Kee Ong-Civil, Environmental, and Construction Engineering Department, Iowa State University
    "Degradation of  17 alpha-Methyl-Testosterone in Sediments"

  • Apr. 21: Dennis Jacobs, Eco Home
    "An Attempt to Live the Sustainable Lifestyle. A 45 year Journey to be Carbon Neutral"

  • Apr. 28: Career Panel by Kent Ritterman, Moore Engineering, Inc.; Kris Knutson, Moorhead Public Service, Dr. Peter Bergholz, Veterinary and Microbiological Sciences Department.
    "Panel Discussion On Job Search & Career Preparation"

  • May 5: Andrea Anteau-Northern Plains-Domain 9, National Ecological Observatory Network
    "NEON- An Introduction to Your Ecological Data Utility"