Md Rezwanul Parvez

Why I joined the ECS Ph.D. Program

My goal to pursue higher education is the application of economics and GIS to address conservation issues related to best management practices (BMP’s) in Northern Great Plains. During my graduate degree in agricultural economics, I have understood that tools of applied and agricultural economics can be more fruitfully used to document issues like environment and conservation. To my opinion, the department of Environmental and conservation sciences provides excellent efforts on analytical skills and tools that are inevitable for academics and research. I believe I will receive a well-designed learning environment and top notch guidance on my research interests at North Dakota State University.

My research

I am interested in the economics of conservation, agricultural economics, economics of biomass and bioenergy, and land use economics. The primary focus of my research is economics of conservation and assessment of best management practices (BMP’s). I’m planning on preparing a 3-4 essay dissertation addressing:

  1. An integrated analysis on economic and environmental benefits estimation of implemented conservation practices on sediment reduction
  2. An Economic Assessment of Producer Perception and Conservation Attitudes on Agro-Environmental Conditions in the Northern Great Plains
  3. Modelling the land use and land cover relationships on private lands in the Northern Great Plains

Awards and Honors

  • Graduate School fellowship for the year 2012-2013
  • Department of Agribusiness and Applied Economics Graduate research assistantship from 2013-present