Nazea Khan Chowdhury

Why I joined the ECS Ph.D. Program

My aim is to prepare myself with the knowledge and economic analysis tools and models and apply them appropriately that yields optimal economic benefits of natural resources in a quality environment. During my graduate degree in agricultural economics, I have understood that tools of applied and agricultural economics can be more fruitfully used to document issues like environment and conservation. My career objective is to conduct applied research in the field of conservation and environmental issues to address real world challenges.

I feel that the ECS Ph.D. Program provides well-coordinated efforts on the technical and analytical skills and tools that are necessary for academics and research. I believe I will receive a very good learning environment and good guidance on my research interests at North Dakota State University.

My research

My research is broadly focused on agriculture economics, environmental economics, and resource economics. My thesis research is focused on soil salinity and crop productivity.

Awards and Honors

  • Graduate Assistantship in Agribusiness and Applied Economics(Spring 2014- present)