The ECS Graduate Program is managed by a steering committee composed of one representative from each of the colleges participating in the ECS program, plus a director. The committee is composed of ECS graduate faculty members representing four different colleges: Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources; Engineering; Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences; and, Science and Mathematics. The committee also includes the ECS program director and a student member.

The ECS Program Director presides over ECS Steering Committee meetings. The duties of the ECS Steering Committee include:

  1. Review of requests to join the ECS faculty and
  2. Program review and administration.


Director: Dr. Craig Stockwell

1. Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources

  • Dr. John McEvoy (Veterinary & Microbiological Sciences)
  • Dr. Aaron Daigh (Soil Science, School of Natural Resource Science)
  • Dr. Robert Heame (Agribusiness & Applied Economics)

2. Engineering and Architecture

  • Dr. Wei Lin (Civil & Environmental Engineering)
  • Dr. Xinhua Jia (Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering)

3. Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

  • OPEN

4. Science and Mathematics

  • Dr. Erin Gillam (Biological Sciences)
  • Dr. Ken Lepper (Geosciences)
  • Dr. Craig Stockwell (Biological Sciences)
  • Dr. Steven Travers (Biological Sciences)