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ECS Graduate program frequently organize seminars and other special events which has several aims including opportunities for direct networking of graduate students with local, national as well as international researchers. Additionally ECS organizes mini-courses, work shops and field oriented activities to enhance graduate student exposure to the latest knowledge. 

Green Bag Lunch Seminar Series

A weekly seminar series open to any interested parties. Locally, nationally and internationally recognized experts in various fields as well as graduate students will present about their research findings in this seminar  series. Addition to Green Bag Lunch seminar series, the ECS Program organizes special seminars throughout the semester. 

Spring Greenbag Lunch Schedule 2012

Funding Opportunities

Graduate students enrolled in ECS program has various grant opportunities through ECS Program, NDSU, state and national agencies. See Funding for more details about grants, scholarships and fellowships.


ECS faculty and students who recived special recognition, news items and other ECS relavent announcements are featured in this blog.

Faculty Achievements

Student Achievements 

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