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Meet ECS Grad Student Ambassadors

Dhriti Roy ( )


My research

My research is focused on nitrification by ammonia oxidizing archaea, and bio-geo-chemical cycle of nitrozen. These questions are of particular importance for microbial ecology and archaeal ammonia oxidation which is a key component for global nitrogen Cycle.

What do I like about ECS?

The interdisciplinary nature of ECS provides enormous opportunities for students to be involved in diverse research projects, ranging from nanotechnology to biotechnology. The program serves as a great platform for those who have dream to implement their own research ideas. The ECS program has a diverse group of people with students and faculty from around the world. 

Brianna Stenger (


My research

        I am interested in host-parasite interactions and co-evolution between Cryptosporidium spp.(genus of protozoan parasites) and small mammals(squirrels, chipmunks, mice, voles, etc). This work is of interest to conservation biologists because of the importance of emerging diseases as a challenge to wildlife populations as well as to human health. 

What I like about ECS?

         There are many things I like about the ECS program.  The students and faculty are very friendly and more than willing to help if you need a hand.  I also like ECS because I can work within multiple departments, benefitting from the expertise and equipment from each department.  The ECS program also helps you network and collaborate with people that have similar goals, but are from very different scientific disciplines. 

Paul Barnhart (


My research

I am conducting the first statewide study of bats in North Dakota. The data gathered will provide the basis for a comprehensive conservation plan for North Dakota Game and Fish to mitigate bat population declines.

What I like about ECS?

The ECS program allows me to relate my research findings to students and faculty in other disciplines and gain their perspective on my findings.  . The seminars allow me to see what other people in the department are doing and keep me up to date with the amazing research being conducted here at NDSU

Justin Fisher (


My Research

My research aims to evaluate the genetic structure and diversity of northern leopard frog (Lithobates pipiens) populations across North Dakota. This work is important to both state and federal managers because of recent concerns of population losses and possible genetic divergence between eastern and western United States populations.

What I like about ECS?

The ECS program has provided a great opportunity for me to gain relevant experience and knowledge across multiple scientific disciplines.  In doing so, I have made strong relationships with fellow graduate students, faculty, and professionals that will prove to be invaluable in my graduate career and beyond.

Ruchi Joshi (

My Research

I work with Cryptosporidium (oocysts), a protozoan parasite that primarily causes Cryptosporidiosis in humans and other hosts. It can be fatal to immuno-compromised and immuno-suppressed hosts such as patients with AIDS, Cancer, Transplanted organs, etc. My research, primarily deals with understanding the environmental stimuli for causing the parasite to infect the host cells.  I am also interested in investigating the post-translational changes occurring, before and after excystation.

So far, the ‘excystation mechanism’ is incompletely understood. Thus, learning about excystation can lead to a better understanding of environmental persistence and host specificity of Cryptosporidium. It can also help scientists to identify environmental and chemotherapeutic interventions.

What I like about ECS?

ECS Program is like a buffet of diverse scientific-cultures, where, I come across students, faculty and, professionals from diverse backgrounds. Moreover, the interdisciplinary group of people from around the globe allow us to share our diverse experiences and build a lifelong relationship besides academics. The friendly environment and exciting events in this program makes me enjoy every bit of it!

 Learn, Laugh, Love….Science!

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