Annaka Clement (she/her/hers)


I am definitely that kid who wouldn’t stop picking up rocks and looking for fossils (then just never stopped). I am originally from southern Wisconsin and got my B.S. in geology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison followed by my M.S. from the University of Georgia studying middle Jurassic costal environments and sequence stratigraphy. I have done some fun internships working in the Ashley National Forest and digging up dinosaurs with the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. Between my M.S. and Ph.D. I worked at Cave of the Mounds NNL designing and leading science field trips for kids. I still love doing science outreach. When I get a chance I like to go hiking, caving, and fishing. I am also a huge nerd, so please ask me to see my X-wing pilot costume.


My research focuses on identifying ecological turnover trends in seafloor invertebrate communities from global locations, including Nevada and New Zealand, in the late Triassic, and reconstructing a record of predators in the same locations. By establishing these contemporaneous records, we begin to evaluate contributions of the physical environments vs. the proliferation of specialized predators on ecological turnovers and gain a more complete understanding of late Triassic marine ecosystems. I am also very active in science outreach through ECS and the Geosciences dept, and served as the Student Representative for the Paleontological Society. 

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