Berkay Koyuncu (he/him/his)


I am originally from Istanbul/Turkey, and got my bachelor's in Environmental Engineering in my own country. After realizing my interest on water-related courses, I decided to continue graduate studies. Thereby, I went to Northern Cyprus to start my research in an interdisciplinary program called "Sustainable Environment & Energy Systems" in METU. I was mostly focused on semi-arid region hydrology and statistical forecasting methods, for nearly three years. After my graduation in 2019, my PhD journey has started in ECS right away. Currently I am maintaining my research (dynamics of environmental streams) in Trung Bao Le's fluid laboratory, besides my TA duties.


Natural flows have quite complicated and unique structures even under open surface condition. My research is focused on unknown dynamics of ice-covered meandering rivers in cold regions. We conduct field survey in every season using Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) to observe flow distribution in a small portion of Red River near Lindenwood Park. Currently, we are focused on the applicability of the latest theoretical methods using actual field observations. At the same time, we perform large-eddy simulation (LES) using our in-house code in HPC to model the entire flow. We hope that understanding flow mechanisms will help to reveal the questions regarding the sediment transport and disaster mitigation in future.

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