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EDP Mission, Vision, and Values



The mission of the doctoral programs in education is to prepare scholars who will advance education research and practice and maintain the integrity and vitality of the profession.


Scholars in the education doctoral program community will be stewards of the discipline, individuals entrusted with preserving, creating, and applying knowledge in education and with communicating educational knowledge to others.

Core Values

In addition to the seven core values of the university (Land-Grant, People, Scholarship, Teaching and Learning, Ethics, Culture, and Accountability), the Education Doctoral Programs are focused upon the following program-specific values and principles:

Content Expertise
  • We affirm that the core work of doctoral education is to build both a breadth and depth of knowledge
  • We emphasize the progressive, life-long development of the learner from novice to expert
  • We facilitate the construction of new, integrated knowledge through our professional experiences
Disciplined Inquiry
  • We are actively engaged in pursuing scholarship of all forms, and we contribute to the improvement and understanding of teaching and learning through our research and evaluation efforts
  • We reflect upon scholarly practices to promote our own learning and disseminate our findings to advance knowledge in the field
  • We demonstrate a culture of inquiry and evidence in our professional experiences
Scholarly Disposition
  • We are responsible, active, and intentional agents in our own learning
  • We adhere to the professional ethics and responsibilities in our field and maintain professional conduct
  • We seek an awareness of and appreciation for diverse people and ideas with respect for the contributions of all groups as we preserve, create, disseminate, and apply knowledge
  • We are actively engaged in our professional community

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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