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Required Courses

  • EDUC 703 - Research, Measurement, and Program Evaluation (3 credits)

    • Methodology and design of research studies; organizational reporting analysis, and interpretation of research.

  • CNED 763 - Advanced Testing and Appraisal (3 credits)

    • Theory, methods and techniques of assessment of client strength(s) and deficit(s) will be examined.  Common instruments used in counseling will be studied, as well as their administration and interpretation.

  • CNED 767 - Advanced Group Counseling (3 credits)

    • Theory and practice of group facilitation will be covered, building on the student's current expertise.  Supervised practice in group work is included.

  • CNED 769 - Theory and Practice for Counselor Education (3 credits)

    • Instructional models, educational techniques and the unique relationship between counselor educator and counseling student will be featured.  Supervised experience in facilitating student learning will be included as well as feedback from the professor and fellow classmates.

  • CNED 770 - Counselor Supervision (3 credits)

    • Theory and practice of counselor supervision.  Major schools of thought in counselor supervision will be examined, as well as the process of supervision and relationship between supervisor and supervisee.

  • CNED 771 - Counselor Education and Supervision in a Multicultural Society (3 credits)

    • An overview of becoming a professor in Counselor Education.  The nature, scope and vista of being a scholar, educator, supervisor and practitioner in a multicultural context will be explored.

  • CNED 772 - Advanced Counseling Theories (3 credits)

    • An exploration of what constitutes the human condition.  Appropriate components of good theory will be addressed and the major schools of thought within counseling theory will be surveyed.

  • CNED 776 - Qualitative Research (3 credits)

    • Major approaches in qualitative research in counseling and counselor education will be examined.  Theory and practice issues will be included, as well as data analysis.  Positivistic and non-positivistic approaches will be explored.

  • CNED 779 - Quantitative and Survey Research (3 credits)

    • In-depth analysis of theory, method and technique for conceptualizing and conducting quantitative research in counseling and counselor education will be examined.  Survey design and methodology will be included.

  • CNED 780 - Ethical and Legal Issues in Counselor Education (3 credits)

    • Current challenges in counselor education regarding ethical and legal issues in the practice of counselor education and supervision.  Equivalent to EDUC 757.

  • CNED 787 - Professional Issues: Professional Development, Consultation and Publishing (3 credits)

    • A seminar that addresses the following: needs of practitioners for professional development, both as consumers and providers; theory and practice of consultation; and, the process of developing, writing and submitting manuscripts for publication.

  • CNED 790 - Doctoral Seminar (4 credits)
  • CNED 794C - Practicum (3 credits)
  • CNED 794D - Internship 
  • CNED 799 - Dissertation

  • STAT 725 - Applied Statistics (3 credits)

    • Data description, probability, inference on means, proportions, difference of means and proportions, categorical data, regression, analysis of variance, and multiple comparisons.  Prereq: Knowledge of algebra.  This course is not intended for statistics or mathematics majors.

  • Additional 3 credit Statistics class

Additional Electives are also required, a minimum of 71 credits is required to graduate.

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