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EDP Course Schedules


Schedules of courses taught by EDP faculty primarily intended for EDP students can be found below. A more detailed listing of all courses for the current and recent semesters can be found on the Registration and Records website.

Note: These draft schedules are provided for information purposes only. Official course schedules are available through NDSU CampusConnection.

EDP Course Rotation (Tentative)


Note: The rotation below is expected to change due to staffing changes. Expected course offerings for upcoming semesters can be found above and should be verified on Campus Connection, and a new rotation will be developed once new faculty are hired.

A tentative rotation of courses taught by EDP faculty can be found below. The rotation is subject to revision. A more detailed listing of all courses for upcoming semesters will be posted above once details are finalized.

Tentative Course Rotation (revised 11/18/14)



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