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EDP Program Delivery

The NDSU Education Doctoral Programs are not Board-approved distance learning credit activities (SBHE Policy 805.3.1 Distance Learning Courses). However, institutional-approved credit courses are delivered whenever possible using the Interactive Video Network (IVN) to increase accessibility for doctoral students in classrooms throughout North Dakota and beyond. Courses are typically taught using blocked scheduling in the evening with the Interactive Video Network. However, a few courses require travel to campus for in-person class meetings, which typically occur on weekends.

NDSU's web-based content management system (currently Blackboard) is used as an instructional tool for students on and off the NDSU campus. Communications media with students will include e-mail, listserv, and Computer Decision Center options. All students have access to the open database connectivity (ODBC) when Ethernet connections (including community cable networks) are accessible. These media will serve as the connection with graduate students and academic program coordinators and will enable students to access and utilize libraries worldwide.

Note: Candidates must enroll every semester, excluding summer semester, for continued enrollment and to maintain residency. Students whose comprehensive exam or dissertation are being reviewed by the Graduate School during the summer must be enrolled that semester.

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