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Educational Leadership Program

The Educational Leadership Program provides a program of preparation at the Master’s degree level for individuals seeking leadership roles in K-12 education as Elementary or Secondary School Principals as well as for individuals aspiring to leadership roles in college or university settings such as Residence Life, Student Affairs, Athletics, and Admissions.  The program is offered in collaboration with Minnesota State University Moorhead (MSUM) as part of the Tri-College University (TCU) agreement.  As part of the TCU agreement, a joint schedule is created with faculty from each campus taking or sharing the lead on each of the required courses. 

This report provides information on how the Educational Leadership Program meets the North Dakota Education Standards and Practices (ESPB) Program Approval Standards.  There are parts in the report for each program standard: 

1.     Where the Standard is Met in the Program

2.     Student Performance

3.     Department Response

4.     Evidence 

The program provides multiple opportunities for candidates to carry out work related to the standards.  Syllabi from all the courses that support student achievement of the standard are referenced. Courses with the candidate experiences most closely aligned with each standard and those with Critical Assignments that help candidates reach the standard are included in the narrative for each standard. These Critical Assignments are included on the course curriculum map and as such, faculty are required to include the assignment in the course.

The program is characterized by the concept of Actionable Knowledge, defined as the amalgamation of theory and practice.  The Recommended Course Sequence reflects this concept by organizing coursework in phases that help candidates acquire knowledge and skills with increasing amounts of opportunities for applying those skills in school settings as they move through the program.  This emphasis on Actionable Knowledge is also evidenced by candidates completing a 110 hour practicum experience with a licensed principal at the end of their program and their participation in the D21 Principal Performance Center.


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