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50045.12 Field Experience

The program requires students to engage in field experiences which enable the application of learning in a workplace environment, enhance understanding of practices of educational administration, and provide opportunities to meet and interact with practicing administrators.

Where the Standard is Met in the Program:  ED 794

Student Performance:  All candidates are required to complete a 110 hour practicum with a certified principal. While carrying out the practicum, candidates maintain a Reflective Log of their daily activities and they write a final Reflective Essay at the conclusion of their practicum. Candidates’ Field Supervisors also complete an evaluation of the candidate. Student performance on the practicum is provided in the table below:

Practicum Student Performance Data

Candidates prepare a portfolio and complete an Oral Examination as culminating events in the program.  Student performance data on this standard is provided in the table below:

Oral Examination Student Performance Table

Department Response:  The Reflective Log and Reflective Essay assignments have been designated as Critical Assignments.  These assignments will maintain their designation as Critical Assignments on the course curriculum map and will be required of all candidates in the program.  Candidate evaluation by the Field Supervisor will continue to be required. In an effort to increase the number of contact hours that candidates spend working in the field, the faculty have discussed identifying and/or adding a number of clinicals and field-based experiences to coursework. The clinicals would represent opportunities for candidates to connect their coursework with actual practice for shorter periods of time and with less complexity (i.e. interview a principal) and they would be carried out at the beginning of the program.  Field-based experiences would require more hours and more complexity and would be carried out nearer the end of the program.  Faculty will continue to identify and/or add clinicals and field-based experiences to coursework in order to increase the number of hours that candidates having connecting coursework to practice.


Syllabus – ED 794

Assignment Instructions –  Practicum Log and Reflective Essay

Candidate Work Sample – Reflective Essay         Practicum Log

Candidate Assessment Tool – Field Supervisor Evaluation

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