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50045.7 Interpersonal Relationships

The program requires the study of interpersonal relationships, communications, and issues related to diversity in a multicultural society. The program uses a variety of performance assessments of students’ understanding and ability to apply that knowledge.   

Where the Standard is Met in the Program:  ED 712 Social, Political, and Community Dimensions of Education, ED 730 Leadership, Planning, and Organizational Behavior in Education, ED 734 Personal Communication and Ethics, ED 735 Personnel, Supervision, and Staff Development, ED 738 Administration of the Elementary School, and ED 639 Administration of the Secondary School. 

Student Performance:  All candidates in the program are required to take ED 712, ED 730, ED 734, and ED 735. Candidates seeking their credential as an Elementary School Principal are required to take ED 738 while candidates seeking their credential as a Secondary School Principal are required to take ED 739. A major assignment in ED 734 is an Oral Presentation. Student performance on this assignment is provided in the table below:

Oral Presentation Student Performance Data

Candidates participating in the D21 Principal Performance Center are assessed on four scenarios (Leaderless Group, Presentation to the School Board, Parent Interaction Exercise and In-basket).  Student performance data on the D21 Skills of Sensitivity, Oral Communication, and Written Communication are provided in the table below:

D21 Principal Performance Center Student Performance Table 

Candidates prepare a portfolio and complete an Oral Examination as culminating events in the program.  Student performance data on this standard are provided in the table below:

Oral Examination Student Performance Table

Department Response:  The Oral Presentation assignment has been designated as a Critical Assignment.  This assignment will maintain its designation as a Critical Assignment on the course curriculum map and will continue to be required of all candidates in the program.  The faculty also agreed to designate a Conflict Resolution assignment, piloted in Summer 2011, as a Critical Assignment in future offerings of ED 734. The decision to include this assignment and designate it as a Critical Assignment was based on feedback from the Advisory Council Meeting that highlighted the importance of candidates’ ability to communicate effectively during conflict and the fact that the Parent Interaction Exercise in the D21 Principal Performance Center requires skills in conflict resolution. Faculty agreed that it was important that candidates have specific opportunities in the program where they learn and practice the skills of conflict resolution.


Syllabus – ED 734

Assignment Instructions – Oral Presentation (Voice Board)

Candidate Work Sample – Oral Presentation (Voice Board)

Candidate Assessment Tool – Oral Presentation (Voice Board)

Syllabus  ED 712

ED 730

Syllabus – ED 735

Syllabus – ED 738

Syllabus ED 639

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