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Program Outcomes

During the summer of 2003, a group of core and associate faculty met to address several issues in the Teacher Education program.  One product created from those meetings was the development of program outcomes for our students as aligned with other adopted standards, namely INTASC on the undergraduate level and NBPTS on the graduate level.

  1. Candidates demonstrate commitment to all students and their learning

    • Recognize individual differences and adjust their teaching practice to meet individual needs
    • Apply learning theories to educate the whole child (cognitive, affective, social)
    • Treat students equitably

  2. Candidates demonstrate knowledge of their subject and how to teach it at appropriate levels

    • Create, organize, use and relate information
    • Use appropriate, subject-specific pedagogical knowledge and design & implement instruction
    • Critically analyze, revise, and create curriculum

  3. Candidates demonstrate that they can manage and monitor student learning

    • Regularly use multiple measures of assessment
    • Orchestrate learning in group settings
    • Use varied strategies to promote student engagement
    • Can clearly articulate goals and align principle objectives with student activities and assessments

  4. Candidates demonstrate that they are reflective practicioners

    • Teachers describe how their instructional decisions are grounded in established theory and reasoned judgment and are based on evidence of learning
    • Seek opportunities to cultivate their own learning

  5. Candidates demonstrate active membership in learning communities

    • Collaborate with other peers, parents, and community
    • Demonstrate professionalism by active involvement in curriculum analysis and development, professional organizations, professional development (school, district, state, national levels)
    • Identify new priorities and articulate changes which need to occur in the profession
    • Mentor to demonstrate team player, broader responsibility for profession (giving back to the profession, serving as a cooperating teacher, etc.)

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