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Faculty & Staff

Head, School of Education
Professor of Mathematics Education

William Martin, Ph.D.

Core Faculty

Mari Borr, Ph.D. - Family & Consumer Science/Teacher Education
Bradley Bowen, Ph.D. - Engineering/Teacher Education
Stacy Duffield, Ph.D. - Program Coordinator, Teacher Education
Alan Hanson, M.S. - Teacher Education
Jeanette Hoffman, Ph.D. - Certification Officer, Teacher Education
Adam Marx, Ph.D. - Agricultural Education, Teacher Education
Larry Napoleon Jr., Ph.D. - Teacher Education
James Nyachwaya, Ph.D. - Chemistry & Biochemistry/Teacher Education
Kim Overton, Ph.D. - Director of Field Experiences/Teacher Education
Florin Salajan, Ph.D. - Teacher Education
Justin Wageman, Ph.D. - Teacher Education

Associate Faculty

Abraham Ayebo, - Mathematics Education
Ashley Baggett, Ph.D. - History/Social Science Education
Warren Christensen, Ph.D. - STEM Education Ph.D. Program (Physics)
Joe Deutsch, M.Ed. - HPER Education
Kristen Hahne - HPER Education
Mila Kryjevskaia, Ph.D. - STEM Education Ph.D. Program (Physics)
Jenny Linker - HPER Education
Charlette Moe, DMA - Music Education
Lisa Montplaisir, Ph.D. - Sciences Education
Erika Offerdahl, Ph.D. - STEM Education Ph.D. Program (Chemistry and Biochemistry)
Warren Olfert, Ph.D. - Music Education (Instrumental)
Carol Pearson, Ph.D. - Modern Languages Education
Mary Pull, M.A. - English Education & English/Comm Option (Director, Center for Writers)
Kelly Sassi, Ph.D. - English Education
Gwen Stickney, Ph.D. - Modern Languages Education
Michael Weber, DMA - Music Education (Choral)


Marie Champagne - Academic Assistant

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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