1998 Field Trip Photos

1998 Columbia Plateau Field Trip

Dry Falls State Park, WA. Student
presentation by Stan Liszka.

(Photo by D.P. Schwert, March 16, 1998)

KOA, Vantage, WA.

Stan Liszka, with Jennifer Lundberg

(Photo by D.P. Schwert, March 18, 1998)

Near Quincy, WA.

Overlooking the mega-ripple marks at West Bar,
 Student presentation
by Jane Willenbring.

(Photo by D.P. Schwert, March 17, 1998)

Group photo, at Kennewick, WA.

(Photo by D.P. Schwert, March 19, 1998)

1998 Black Hills Field Trip

Devils Tower, Wyoming.

(Photo by D.P. Schwert)

1998 Black Hills Field Trip

Group photo, Dinosaur Overlook,
Rapid City, SD

(Photo by D.P. Schwert)

Warming up at Sturgis, SD . . .

(Photo by B. Saini-Eidukat)

. . . followed by synchronous swimming!

(Photo by B. Saini-Eidukat)

Ryan's quartz-induced injury.

(Photo by D.P. Schwert)

1998 Volcano sapiens - Southern Italy Trip

Part of the group on Mount Etna's SE Crater   
- with flowing lava!

(Photo by B. Saini-Eidukat, May 20, 1998)

1998 Eastern North Dakota Field Trip

(Photo by A.C. Ashworth)

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