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Emmanuel Nojang, Ph.D., forthcoming, Conceptualizing Individual and Household Preparedness: The Case of Cameroon, Adv: Jensen

Amanda Savitt, M.S., forthcoming, An Evaluation of the Protective Action Decision Model Using Data from a Train Derailment in Casselton, North Dakota, Adv: Klenow

Kent Theurer, M.S., forthcoming, Perceptions of Emergency Managers on Vulnerability and Institutional Preparedness of Colleges and Universities in the Red River Valley, Adv: Klenow

Breanna Koval, M.S., forthcoming, Are We Just Guessing?: An Exploratory Study of Minnesota Emergency Managers’ Perceptions of Citizen Preparedness, Adv: Jensen

Florija Naas, M.S., forthcoming, Evaluating Emergency Response Plan Quality: A Case Study, Adv: Jensen

Jared Huibregtse, M.S., 2014, Explaining the Risk Perceptions of Emergency Management Professionals, Adv: Jensen

Jamie Jorrisen, M.S., 2014, Understanding the Creation and Maintenance of LVOADs, Adv: Jensen

Daiko Abe, M.S., 2014, Jurisdictional Leaders’ Perception of Factors that Contribute to Hazard Mitigation Planning, Adv: Klenow

Samantha Montano, M.S., 2014, Formation and Lifespans of Emergent Recovery Groups in Post-Katrina New Orleans, Adv: Jensen

Laura Gould, M.S., 2014, A Conceptual Model of the Individual and Household Recovery Process: Examining Hurricane Sandy, Adv: Jensen

John Carr, M.S., 2014, Pre-Disaster Integration of Community Emergency Response Teams within Local Emergency Management Systems, Adv: Jensen

Stanley Carignan, M.S., 2014, Predicting Collaborativeness in Response, Adv: Jensen

David Duff, Ph.D., 2014,  A Comparative Study of Nuclear Power Risk Perceptions with Selected Technological Hazards, Adv: Klenow

Mariama Yakubu, Ph.D., 2013, Creating Sustainable Higher Education Programs in Emergency Management: Ghana's Experience, Adv: Jensen

Sarah Bundy, Ph.D., 2013, Coordination in Disaster Recovery: Implications for Policy and Practice, Adv: Jensen

Regine Laurence Chauvet, M.S., 2013, Sustainability and the Emergency Manager: Do They Mesh? , Adv: Jensen

Nazgul Borkosheva, M.S., 2013, Local Nonprofit and Government Organization Conceptualizations of Disaster Response Effectiveness, Adv: Jensen

Pierre Freeman, M.S., 2013, An Integrative Review of the Emergency Management Research Literature on Tornadoes (comprehensive study paper), Adv: Klenow

Azard Bewari, Ph.D., 2012, The 2009 Flood Impact on the Fargo-Moorhead Health System, Adv: Youngs

Marc Khatchadourian, 2011, Organizational Characteristics of a Disaster Call Center:  A Study of Information Management , Adv: Klenow

Misti Kill, Ph.D., 2011, The Impact of Gender and Disaster Experience on Preparedness, Adv: Klenow

Daniel Martin, Ph.D., 2010  Conceptualizing Effective Community Disaster Recovery:  A Case Study of the National Response Framework’s Support Function #14, Adv: Klenow

Jessica Jensen, Ph.D., 2010, Emergency Management Policy: Predicting National Incident Management System (NIMS) Implementation Behavior, Adv: Youngs

Micheal Kemp, Ph.D., 2010, Adaptations to Periodic Flooding: Findings from the Red River Valley, Adv: Klenow

Vicki Miller, PH.D., 2010, An Analysis of an Evolving Response Framework: A Case Study of the Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC), Adv: Klenow

Melissa Walter, M.S., 2009, Are Rural North Dakota Hospitals Prepared for a Disaster? An Exploratory Study, Adv: Klenow

Carol Cwiak, Ph. D., 2009, Strategies for Success: The Role of Power and Dependence in the Emergency Management Professionalization Process, Adv: Youngs

Jeanine Neipert, M.S., 2009, Non-Structural Mitigation Practices and Their Effects on Community Members: The Experience of Being Bought Out After a Flood, Adv: Klenow

Lindsey Narloch, M.S., 2009, Hurricane Victim?: Applying Moral Framing to Understand Perspectives of Hurricane Katrina, Adv: Weber

Tammy Karlgaard, M.S., 2008, An Exploratory Study of Perceptions Regarding the Nature of Al-Qaeda as a Terrorist Organization, Co-Advs.: Klenow and Youngs

Jeffrey Reibestein, M.S., 2008, Eyes to the Sky: A Qualitative Study of Storm Spotters, Adv: Klenow

Jessica Leifeld, M.S., 2007, An Exploration of the National Incident Management System (NIMS) Mandate in Rural America: Through the Eyes of Emergency Management Practitioners, Adv: Klenow

Micheal Kemp, M.S., 2007, Emerging Directions in Emergency Management: An Exploration of Management Models, Adv: Klenow

Naif Alotaibi, M.S., 2006, Use of Munitions Containing Depleted Uranium on the Battlefield: Mitigation of Human Health and the Environment, Adv: Slobin

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