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Master's Comprehensive Study Track

Core: Complete all courses (15 credits).
EMGT 720: Emergency Management Theory
EMGT 761: Preparedness Theory and Practice
EMGT 762: Mitigation Theory and Practice
EMGT 763: Response Theory and Practice
EMGT 764: Recovery Theory and Practice

Electives: Select 6 courses from the following list (18 credits).

Group A: Emergency Management Elective Courses (12 credits)
EMGT 610: Comprehensive Emergency Management Planning 
EMGT 620: Hazard, Risk, and Vulnerability Assessment
EMGT 625: International Emergency Management
EMGT 635: Issues in Homeland Security and Emergency Management
EMGT 645: Vulnerability and Functional Needs in Emergency Management
EMGT 661: Business Continuity and Crisis Management
EMGT 663: Voluntary Agency Disaster Services
EMGT 696: Special Topics

Group B: Critical Thinking and Analysis Elective Courses (6 credits)
STAT 725: Applied Statistics
SOC 700: Qualitative Methods OR COMM 704: Qualitative Methods
SOC 701: Quantitative Methods OR COMM 707: Quantitative Methods
EMGT 730: Advanced Research Methods
EMGT 614: Spatial Analysis in Emergency Management

Practicum: (6 credits)
EMGT 795: Emergency Management Applied or Research Practicum

Culminating Experience: Oral comprehensive exam in final semester

TOTAL = 39 credits


Students must complete a statistics course as a prerequisite for Quantitative Methods.

Those students lacking in field experience will be expected to complete an applied, field-based emergency management practicum; however, students with ample field experience in emergency management will be expected to complete a research practicum to fulfill the practicum credits. The research practicum can be fulfilled by participating in a member of the faculty's research or by the student conducting his/her own research under the supervision of a faculty member. The student and his /her advisor will determine the type of practicum a student ought to take.

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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