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Dr. Ge Publishes Article

Dr. Gurt Ge has co-authored an article entitled “A Comprehensive Study of Spreadsheet Applications on Mobile Devices”. It was recently published in an SCI-indexed journal Mobile Information Systems (Vol 2016, Article 9816152). As a methodologist, Ge contributed to the design, conduct, and validation of the statistical analyses for a mobile device user survey comparing the usability of four popular mobile spreadsheet applications.

Dr. Cwiak Presents Soft Skills Workshop

Dr. Carol Cwiak, associate professor of emergency management, presented a workshop on soft skills to the College of Nursing and Health Professions at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, Arkansas. The workshop, titled "Integrating Soft Skill Development into the Curriculum," occurred Jan. 18, 2016. Approximately 100 faculty attended, teaching in such areas as nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech, nutrition, social work, medical imaging, disaster preparedness and emergency management. The session covered topics such as ways soft skills add value to the workplace, how to include soft skills in course offerings, and ways soft skills can be taught and evaluated.

Doctoral Students Participate in Focus Group

Doctoral students Laurence Chauvet and Samantha Montano participated in a FEMA Higher Education Program sponsored focus group that consisted of those nearing completion of the doctoral degree in emergency management. The purpose of the focus group was to assess the extent to which these individuals agree with the body of work that has been done related to the state of discipline and to reach agreement on what this individuals will do in common to advocate for the ideas they support the further development of the discipline. The group was facilitated by Dr. Jessica Jensen.

Dr. Ge Presents at Conference

Dr. Y. Gurt Ge, assistant professor of emergency management, presented two collaborative studies on hurricane evacuation behaviors at the 2016 National Evacuation Conference in New Orleans, March 1-3. The presentations were titled "Hurricane Evacuation Expectations in the Lower Rio Grande Valley” (first author) and "The Inequality of Hurricane Evacuation Logistics between Urban and Rural Residents” (second author). Based on a resident survey of urban areas and unincorporated colonias in the Lower Rio Grand Valley area in Texas, Ge and his colleagues examined residents’ decision making on hurricane evacuation, evacuation logistics, information sources, expected evacuation impediments, expected hurricane impacts, perceived structural vulnerability, and demographic characteristics. The studies were funded by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Doctoral Student Defends Dissertation

Doctoral student Steve Thompson successfully defended his dissertation entitled, “Red River Flooding: Organizational Learning Through Repeated Events.” Steve is set to become the twelfth student to earn a Ph.D. through the program. Congratulations Dr. Thompson!

Dr. Bundy Receives Grant to Study Recovery

Dr. Sarah Bundy, assistant professor of emergency management, received a grant from the Gunlogson Endowment for a project entitled "Once the Water Recedes: Individual and Household Recovery Five Years After the Souris River Flood." Dr. Bundy will travel to Minot, ND to conduct in-depth interviews with individuals who were impacted by the Souris River Flood of 2011 to learn more about the disaster recovery process and how that process has proceeded for the study's participants. Data collected will be given to the NDSU Archives (with participant permission) in order to preserve the stories of those affected by the flood.

Students Receive Scholarship to Governor's Conference

 Three students within the Department of Emergency Management received scholarships from the department to attend the Minnesota Governor's Homeland Security and Emergency Management Conference held in at the Earle Brown Heritage Center in Brooklyn Center, MN from February 9-11, 2016. Students were able to network with emergency management professionals from around Minnesota and participate in both general and breakout sessions on current topics of interest. Scholarship recipients included: Alec Bruns, McKinley Theobald, and Davin Henrik.

Dr. Cwiak Attends National Emergency Management Executive Academy

Dr. Carol Cwiak, Associate Professor of Emergency Management, participated in the Federal Emergency Management Agency's National Emergency Management Executive Academy held in Emmitsburg, MD from February 8-11, 2016. Dr. Cwiak was one of 40 emergency management executives selected to be involved with the program this year. She had the opportunity to work collaboratively with emergency management leaders in government, non-governmental organizations, and private sector industries to apply visioning, strategic planning, meta-leadership, and conflict management skills to real world challenges.

Dr. Bundy Participates in Winter Cycling Congress

Dr. Sarah Bundy, Assistant Professor of Emergency Management, recently attended the Winter Cycling Congress held in Minneapolis, MN. Dr. Bundy was part of a panel discussion entitled “The Bike as a Disaster Relief Tool” that examined how bicycles and the cycling community could potentially be leveraged in all phases of disaster management. She also was a participant in the first winter Disaster Relief Trial (DRT), an activity where cyclists take to the street to demonstrate the useful of bicycles in disasters. Participants were given a map, checkpoints, and a series of tasks to complete at various checkpoints such as ferrying supplies, communicating messages, and assessing infrastructure. Dr. Bundy completed the 17-mile circuit on a bike-share bicycle and was able to observe the event firsthand, as well as provide feedback to the organizers of the event.

Students Learn About Mitigation Firsthand

Students in EMGT 262: Mitigation, as well as program graduate students and faculty, took a 2.5 hour bus tour of Fargo's mitigation projects on Friday, January 29th. City of Fargo Engineers April Walker and Nathan Boerboom acted as tour guides, explaining the various flood protection projects that had been proposed, are in progress, or have been completed throughout the city.

Congratulations to Winter Graduates!

Congratulations to Brittany Bleich, Grant Genovese, Garrett Hittle, Thomas Houle, Jacob Ladenthin, Katherine Mortenson, Dennis Olsen, Benjamin Rutter, and James Sink on the completion of your Bachelor of Science degrees in Emergency Management. And congratulations to our graduate students: Emmanuel Nojang for the completion of his Ph.D. in Emergency Management and Breanna Koval for the completion of her Master of Science degree in Emergency Management. The Department of Emergency Management is proud of your accomplishments at the North Dakota State University and looks forward to hearing about your successful endeavors as you move into the next phase of your lives and careers!

Professor Conducts Program Evaluation

Dr. Daniel Klenow, professor and head of the Department of Emergency Management was selected by the State University of New York (SUNY) administration to serve as an external evaluator for a new major in Emergency Management, Homeland Security and Cybersecurity within a new College of Emergency Preparedness, Homeland Security, and Cybersecurity on the SUNY-Albany campus. Evaluation activities included a detailed review of the degree proposal, as well as meeting with faculty and administrators on the Albany campus in early December.

Students Win Undergraduate Research Award Competition

Katherine Mortenson and James Sink won first place in the undergraduate category of the Student Academic Research Presentation Awards Competition held at the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) Conference for their research project entitled "The New Normal: The Direct and Indirect Impacts of Oil Drilling and Production on the Emergency Management Function in North Dakota."

Professor Awarded IAEM Student Advisor of the Year Award

Dr. Carol Cwiak was awarded the USA Student Chapter Advisor of the Year Award by the International of Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM). This award recognizes the IAEM student chapter advisor who has gone above and beyond to promote the work of the student chapter and IAEM students as a whole. The award was presented to Dr. Cwiak at the 2015 IAEM Annual Conference held in Las Vegas from November 13-18, 2015.

Master's Students Complete Thesis Defense

Amanda Savitt (ad. Klenow) successfully defended her thesis entitled An Evaluation of the Protective Action Decision Model Using Data from a Train Derailment in Casselton, North Dakota. Amanda will graduate with her M.S. degree in December and is planning to continue on to doctoral studies in emergency management or a related discipline.

Breanna Koval (ad. Youngs and Jensen) successfully defended her thesis entitled Are We Just Guessing? An Exploratory Study of Minnesota Emergency Managers' Perceptions of Citizen Preparedness. Breanna will also graduate with her M.S. degree in December and will continue in her position as Emergency Management Director in Wilkin County, Minnesota.

EMSA Representatives Attend IAEM Conference

Five representatives from the Emergency Management Student Association will attend the International Association of Emergency Managers Conference in Las Vegas, NV from November 13-18, 2015. EMSA representatives include: Dalton Herding, James Sink, Katherine Mortenson, Brittany Bleich, and James Hyde.

Dr. Cwiak Accepted to National Emergency Management Executive Academy

Dr. Carol Cwiak has been accepted, and will participate in, the 2016 Federal Emergency Management Agency’s National Emergency Management Executive Academy. The Executive Academy features “a comprehensive and cutting-edge curriculum that supports the advancement of strategic and policy level executive leadership.” The program is designed to hone “strategic leadership and critical thinking for senior executives involved with multi-jurisdictional, national, and international homeland security and emergency management policy development and decision-making responsibilities.” 

Students Receive Scholarship to Conference

Five students within the Department of Emergency Management received scholarships to attend the Association of Minnesota Emergency Managers (AMEM) Conference held in Breezy Point, MN from September  20-23, 2015. Students were able to network with emergency management professionals from around Minnesota and participate in both general and breakout sessions on current topics of interest. Scholarship recipients included: Katherine Mortenson, James Sink, Adam Gibson, James Hyde, and Davin Brown.

Department Faculty Engage with FEMA Higher Ed Focus Groups

Dr. Carol Cwiak, Dr. Jessica Jensen, and Dr. Sarah Bundy all recently participated in FEMA Higher Education Program sponsored focus groups. Their participation represents the department’s continued presence at and leadership in discussions involving the evolution of the emergency management discipline.

Dr. Cwiak was a member of an eight person focus group tasked with identifying next generation core competencies for emergency management professionals.

Dr. Jensen facilitated a ten person focus group, of which Dr. Bundy was a part, consisting of emergency management doctoral degree holders or those nearing completion of the doctoral degree. The purpose of the focus group was to assess the extent to which these individuals agree with the body of work that has been done related to the state of discipline and to reach agreement on what this individuals will do in common to advocate for the ideas they support the further development of the discipline.

Class Conducts Project with Moorhead Public Schools

The Advanced Business Continuity (ABC) class students are conducting a semester-long project with the Moorhead Area Public Schools to assist the school district in thinking about and planning for continuity issues. Through this project, students will not only advance and apply their business continuity knowledge, but also have the opportunity to practice skills related to engaging and collaborating with stakeholders, facilitating meetings, managing projects, and communicating internally and externally. ABC students include Brittany Bleich, Dalton Herding, Thomas Houle, Jacob Jones, and Katherine Mortenson.

Dr. Ge Earns Prestigious NSF Grant

Dr. Gurt Ge is a co-primary investigator on a multi-campus project funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF). The project, titled "Hazards SEES: Bridging Information Uncertainty and Decision-Making in Hurricanes Using An Interdisciplinary Perspective" is a 4-year, $2.5 million dollar collaboration among NDSU, Purdue, and Virginia Tech University.

As part of this grant, Dr. Ge and his team will be collecting original data through post-hurricane mail surveys, personal interviews, web experiments, social media, and process tracing software and developing new integrative scientific approaches to modeling household level behaviors and social network effects across households and other stakeholders. Using these data and methods, the team will model evacuation logistics for hurricanes in order to provide a holistic approach to characterizing, measuring, and analyzing uncertainty in various aspects of hurricane evacuation modeling, social networks, household decision-making, and stochastic traffic modeling.

Competition is intense for NSF funding and this is a prestigious award for NDSU, the Department of Emergency Management, and Dr. Ge. The project starts on 11/1/15.

Faculty Member and Student Present at the World Conference on Disaster Management

Katherine Mortenson, along with Dr. Carol Cwiak, traveled to Toronto, Canada to deliver a presentation entitled “What is the Emergency Management Takeaway from North Dakota’s New Normal” at the World Conference on Disaster Management held June 8-11, 2015. As an interesting side note, Katie and Dr. Cwiak were able to spend a little quality time in the Dallas-Ft. Worth airport as part of their journey because when one wants to get from North Dakota to Canada clearly the best way to go is through Texas!

Dr. Cwiak Recieves Tenure and Promotion

Dr. Carol Cwiak achieved tenure and was promoted to the rank of Associate Professor. Advancement through the promotion and tenure process comes as the result of six years of dedicated service to both the university and the emergency management community, quality teaching across a variety of courses, and demonstrated research abilities.

EMSA Receives Service Award

The Bison Service Challenge is a friendly competition among campus groups to earn the most community service hours. The Emergency Management Student Association completed the most service hours of any student organization on campus during the 2014-2015 academic year to earn the award for the student organization category.

New Faculty Member to Join Department of Emergency Management

The Department of Emergency Management is delighted to welcome Dr. Sarah Bundy to the faculty. Dr. Bundy earned her doctoral degree in Emergency Management in 2013 from NDSU. Dr. Bundy has taught a number of courses over the past few years at NDSU (first as a graduate student and later as adjunct faculty) and has established a reputation amongst students as being fair, knowledgeable, and good-natured.

Dr. Bundy’s undergraduate work, a B.S. in Government, was completed in 2002 at the United States Coast Guard Academy. She received her Master’s degree in Diplomacy (Concentration in Terrorism) from Norwich University in 2008. Dr. Bundy’s doctoral dissertation examined county elected officials in the short-term recovery process.

Dr. Bundy served in the Coast Guard from 2002-2007. After receiving her Ph.D., she worked with the American Red Cross as a Preparedness and Recovery Support Manager and Disaster Program Specialist. During that time she also served as an adjunct instructor for the Department of Emergency Management. Dr. Bundy’s background, coupled with her strong grasp of both emergency management theory and practice, makes her a powerful and dynamic addition to the department’s faculty team.

EMGT Student Newsletter

EMGT Student is a student-written newsletter published by the Emergency Management Program. Links to the current and past editions of the newsletter are posted below.

Volume One

Volume Two

Volume Three

Volume Four

Volume Five

Volume Six

Volume Seven

Volume Eight

The EM newsletter re-emerged Spring 2015 with the name "The Hub" thanks to the hard work and dedication of Dr. Cwiak. Dr. Cwiak intends to work with Dr. Bundy to produce and disseminate the newsletter once per semester at the start of advising week.

The Hub Spring 2015

The Hub Fall 2015

The Hub Spring 2016



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