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Jensen Invited to Join Natural Hazards Review Editorial Board

Jessica Jensen, assistant professor of emergency management, has been invited to serve on the editorial board of the journal, Natural Hazards Review. Jensen was nominated and vetted by the journal's current editorial board. Natural Hazards Review is quarterly interdisciplinary journal of the American Society of Civil Engineers and considered one of the top journals in hazards and disaster studies.

EM Newsletter Gets New Life as "The Hub"

Various attempts have been made to develop and circulate a monthly or bi-annual emergency management program newsletter in the past ten years. The Department of Emergency Management faculty find the newsletter a worthy and important effort for the purposes of keeping students informed about program developments, curriculum initiatives, upcoming courses, and more. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of Dr. Cwiak the newsletter effort has been undertaken again and been renamed "The Hub". Dr. Cwiak plans to develop and release "The Hub" twice in the academic year--at the start of advising week in Fall and in Spring semesters. Check it out!

New Faculty Member to Join Department of Emergency Management

The Department of Emergency Management is delighted to welcome Dr. Sarah Bundy to the faculty. Dr. Bundy earned her doctoral degree in Emergency Management in 2013 from NDSU. Dr. Bundy has taught a number of courses over the past few years at NDSU (first as a graduate student and later as adjunct faculty) and has established a reputation amongst students as being fair, knowledgeable, and good-natured.

Dr. Bundy’s undergraduate work, a B.S. in Government, was completed in 2002 at the United States Coast Guard Academy. She received her Master’s degree in Diplomacy (Concentration in Terrorism) from Norwich University in 2008. Dr. Bundy’s doctoral dissertation examined county elected officials in the short-term recovery process.

Dr. Bundy served in the Coast Guard from 2002-2007. After receiving her Ph.D., she worked with the American Red Cross as a Preparedness and Recovery Support Manager and Disaster Program Specialist. During that time she also served as an adjunct instructor for the Department of Emergency Management. Dr. Bundy’s background, coupled with her strong grasp of both emergency management theory and practice, makes her a powerful and dynamic addition to the department’s faculty team.



Two Research Articles by Jensen and Carr (being) Published

A manuscript by Jessica Jensen, Department of Emergency Management, and former master’s student John Carr has been published Online First by the indexed journal Natural Hazards. The manuscript entitled, Explaining the pre-disaster integration of Community Emergency Response Teams (CERTs), is the first of two reporting findings from a study Jensen and Carr did together. The second manuscript is forthcoming in the Journal of Emergency Management spring 2015.

Jensen Supports Key National Emergency Management Higher Education Initiative

February 2015, Jessica Jensen, Department of Emergency Management, completed a survey of institutions offering one or more emergency management degrees to assess the degree to which consensus exists about accreditation standards for bachelor’s programs in emergency management. The data she gathered demonstrated that significant support for bachelor's program standards exists among those who participated. Based on this consensus, Jensen is currently engaged in a follow-up survey to explore indicators representatives of institutions offering one or more emergency management degrees believe would be fair and appropriate to use as evidence that the standards have been met. The survey will close in April 2015. Jensen's reports on the survey data are available at the FEMA Higher Education Program website. Jensen has supported accreditation efforts by participating on a national working group, writing a variety of reports on accreditation progress, and conducting a number of surveys to get feedback and buy-in as the accreditation process has evolved.

Jensen Coordinates Second Emergency Management Theory and Research Workshop

Jessica Jensen, Department of Emergency Management, has been asked to coordinate the second Emergency Management Theory and Research Workshop building on the success of the Workshop she coordinated last year. 

Most established academic disciplines have research conferences wherein advances in theory development and new research findings or data from research underway are shared. This sharing creates the opportunity for researchers to receive feedback on their work; exchange new knowledge; and, build on this new knowledge through discourse and debate. This sharing also provides the opportunity for those conducting research to offer presentations that are meaningful for achieving tenure and develop synergies that will enhance scholarship in the field. In 2014, the first such conference was held at the Emergency Management Institute the day before the FEMA Higher Education Symposium. 17 scholars who self-identified as emergency management scholars were invited to present their research and did so to a packed room throughout the day. Building on the success of last year’s event, EM students and faculty scholars are again being invited to submit abstracts for the second conference which will again be held the day before the Higher Education Symposium—Monday, June 1, 2015.

Jensen Conducts Survey for IAEM-USA

Jessica Jensen, Department of Emergency Management, is a pro bono research consultant for the International Association of Emergency Managers and as such, she conducted, for the 8th year in a row, a national survey of local emergency managers about the value of funding from the federal government. The survey is completed annually by more than 1, 000 local government emergency managers, and the data from the survey is used to advocate on Capitol Hill for local emergency managers.

Emergency Management Student Work Presented Legislators

More than a dozen NDSU undergraduate students and faculty advisers shared results of their research projects at NDSU Undergraduate Research Day held at the State Capitol in Bismarck on Jan. 27. The event was coordinated by the NDSU Office of Research and Creative Activity. Students from various disciplines displayed their research in the hall of the Capitol building between legislative chambers--including our own Katherine Schulz. Katherine Schulz, a junior, discussed her research as part of a seven-member team that conducted a study on the direct and indirect impacts of oil drilling and production on the emergency management function in North Dakota. A report on the study is currently available. A public presentation is scheduled at NDSU for Thursday, Feb. 19, at 3 p.m. in the Memorial Union Century Theater.

“The NDSU Undergraduate Research Day in Bismarck provided lawmakers a first-hand view of how NDSU serves its citizens when students are provided opportunities for enhanced learning through research. Undergraduate research builds critical thinking, collaboration and communication skills that students can use in their future careers and are leadership skills that employers seek,” said Kelly A. Rusch, NDSU vice president for research and creative activity. 

This story is a shortened version of an NDSU News article available at:

Professor George Youngs Retires

Staff, faculty, administrators, alumni, and students are cordially invited to attend a retirement reception for Dr. George Youngs on December 16th from 3-5 PM in the Arikara Room in the Memorial Union.  

George Youngs' service to NDSU has spanned 36 years.  Over those years, he has advanced the university's directives; benefited the community through service; helped professionalize the field, and develop the discipline, of emergency management; and, shared a piece of himself with thousands of students.  His gracious humor, infectious laugh, kindness, scholarly contribution, and sage advice will be missed.  

Department to Receive IAEM's Academic Recognition Award

NDSU’s Department of Emergency Management will be receiving the International Association of Emergency Managers' 2014 Academic Recognition Award at IAEM’s Annual Conference in Austin, TX for its "its significant contribution to the formal education of both undergraduate and graduate students pursuing a career in emergency management practice, policy, or teaching" according to the IAEM website. Carol Cwiak, assistant professor, will attend the conference and accept the award on behalf of the department.

Jensen Teaches Graduate Course at Royal Roads University

Jessica Jensen, assistant professor in the Department of Emergency Management, facilitated a one-week graduate course entitled, the Emergency Management Professional as Planner, for Royal Roads University in Victoria, British Columbia, November 10-14. Royal Roads University offers both a graduate certificate and Master's of Arts in Disaster and Emergency Management through its School of Humanitarian Studies and markets its programs to both aspiring and current practitioners. Jensen worked with 23 working professionals in this most recent iteration of the course. Jensen had been previously invited to facilitate the same course for students there Fall 2013 and Spring 2015.

Department's General Education Course Featured in Emergency Management Magazine

The Department of Emergency Management's general education course, EMGT 101: Emergencies, Disasters, and Catastrophes, was featured in an Emergency Management Magazine article entitled, Will General Education Courses Shape the Future of Emergency Management. The course was initially offered with a different course number and title, was technical in content, and geared solely toward emergency management majors. Over time, the course evolved into an interdisciplinary survey class that covers the history of disasters, the evolution of emergency management as a function within society, and how humans cope with hazard events through preparedness, response, mitigation, and recovery. The course now draws students from a wide variety of majors and counts as a general education course in the social and behavioral sciences category.

Emergency Management Faculty Publish

The Journal of Emergency Management recently published two articles by NDSU Department of Emergency Management faculty members.  Jessica Jensen, Ph.D. and NDSU master’s graduate Laurence Chauvet, M.S. published the lead empirical research article titled, “Sustainability and the Local Emergency Manager” in the September/October 2014 issue.  In that same issue the second article titled “Increasing Access and Support for Emergency Management Higher Education Programs” was written by Carol Cwiak, Ph.D.


Faculty also had their work published in the current issue of Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. Current department faculty Jessica Jensen, Ph.D. and George Youngs, Ph.D. co-authored an empirical research article entitled, Volunteer Fire Chiefs’ Perceptions of Retention and Recruitment Challenges in Rural Fire Departments: The Case of North Dakota, USA , with former department faculty member D.K. Yoon, Ph.D. Daniel J. Klenow and master's graduate Jeff Reibestein saw their empirical research article, Eyes to the Sky: Situating the Role of Storm Spotters in the Warning and Response Network, published in the same issue.

Jensen Continues Engagement in Accreditation Efforts

 Jessica Jensen, assistant professor of emergency management, participated, as an invited subject matter expert, in a national working group September 24 and 25 at the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Emergency Management Institute. The working group was convened last week for a third time to continue its efforts at drafting standards for the accreditation of emergency management higher education programs. Jensen has been an invited SME in each of the 3 groups and has conducted survey efforts of the entire emergency management higher education community to solicit feedback related to the emerging standards after each of the group’s meetings.

Training Held: The Master's Thesis Process

The thesis is the culmination of the master's degree and it is important that students know about what needs to be in a thesis proposal, how the thesis development process works, how to choose an advisor, what the student's responsibilities include, etc. Yet, it is rare that special attention is given to addressing these issues within graduate programs. The Department of Emergency Management has decided that its master's program will communicate this information to students early in their program of study; thus, Jessica Jensen, Assistant Professor and Graduate Coordinator, held a "training session" related to the thesis process Friday, September 5th over a brown bag lunch in the Center for Disaster Studies and Emergency Management. The next training session for graduate students will be September 12 and address the master's comprehensive exam. This training too will be over a brown bag lunch on a Friday and brown bag lunches with graduate students and the graduate coordinator will continue every Friday in the Center for the duration of the semester.



Cwiak Publishes Articles

Carol Cwiak's article entitled, "Understanding where policies and decisions can go wrong: Utilising a 360 analysis model as a proactive reputation management strategy", published in the Journal of Business Continuity and Emergency Planning, Volume Seven, Number Four (pages 324-334). Cwiak also has an article entitled, "Increasing access and support for emergency management higher education programs" forthcoming in Journal of Emergency Management. Cwiak is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Emergency Management.

Department of Emergency Management Holds Graduate Orientation

On Monday, August 25 the Department of Emergency Management held its annual graduate orientation. All faculty and new graduate students were in attendance as were a number of students who have been in the program more than a year. The orientation included introductions of students, faculty, and staff, a review of expectations associated with the graduate program at NDSU, milestones in the program, departmental and Graduate School policies and more. The Department views the orientation as one of the most important things it can do to support student success in the program.

Cwiak Participates in Energy Tour

Carol Cwiak, Assistant Professor, participated in the North Dakota Energy Tour for Educators August 5-6, 14. The group of 20 educators and administrators from colleges and universities across North Dakota toured the Milon R. Young Station in Center, ND, the BNI Coal, Ltd. Center Mine, the Whiting Belfield Gas Plant in Belfield, the Dakota Prarie Refinery, and the Target Logisitics Dunn County Lodge (a crew camp). Over the two days the group also heard presentations on mining and reclamation, power plant regulations, research and development partnerships with the state, Dickinson's recent development, and more. The tour was organized by the Lignite Energy Council.

Cwiak Releases EM HI ED Survey Report

Carol Cwiak, Assistant Professor, has conducted an annual survey of the emergecy management higher education community on behalf of the Federal Emergency Management Agency's Higher Education Program for the past 7 years. This summer she released her report regarding the 2014 survey entitled, "Emergency Management Higher Education Today: The 2014 FEMA HigherEducation Program Survey". View this year's report  and/or those from previous years at the FEMA Higher Education Program's website.

Ge Presents at Disaster Researchers Meeting

Yue "Gurt" Ge, Assistant Professor, presented Vulnerability and Hurricane Evacuation Expectations in the Lower Rio Grande Valley with colleagues at the International Research Committee on Disasters Researchers Meeting. The Meeting is a cooperative effort of the International Sociological Association's International Research Committee on Disasters and the Natural Hazards Center at Boulder, CO.

Faculty Present at Natural Hazards Workshop

Daniel J. Klenow, Department Head, moderated a session entitled, "Educational Options for Passing Along Disaster Knowledge", at the 39th Annual Natural Hazards Research and Applications Workshop. Jessica Jensen, Assistant Professor, presented in this session as well as another entitled, The Changing Emergency Management Profession. While Department faculty have previously attended the Workshop, this year is the first that faculty have presented. The Workshop is one of the most respected, enduring conferences for disaster researchers and practitioners in the United States.

Faculty Heavily Engaged in FEMA HiEd Symposium

Department of Emergency Management faculty, Carol Cwiak, Jessica Jensen, and Daniel J. Klenow, were heavily engaged in the 2014 FEMA Higher Education Symposium. The faculty participated in a combined total of 15 presentations as moderators or presenters (i.e., Cwiak (3), Jensen (7), Klenow (5). Presentations were related to developing undergraduate and graduate degree programs in emergency management, reporting results of recent survey efforts, skills critical to undergraduate student development in emergency management, and more. The annual Hi Ed Symposium is the main national conference for emergency management higher education faculty.

Jensen Organizes First Emergency Management Research Conference

Most established academic disciplines have research conferences wherein advances in theory development and new research findings or data from research underway are shared. This sharing creates the opportunity for researchers to receive feedback on their work; new knowledge to be disseminated amongst scholars; and, for the scholars to in turn build on this new knowledge through their own research and/or share the new knowledge with students in higher education programs. This sharing also provides the opportunity for those conducting research to receive peer feedback on their work, offer presentations that are meaningful for achieving tenure, and develop synergies that will enhance scholarship in the field.

As of this year, emergency management has such a research conference.

Jensen, Assistant Professor, coordinated the development and implementation of a one day research conference the day before the Annual Emergency Management Higher Education Symposium at the Emergency Management Institute in Emmitsburg, Maryland. Self-identified emergency management scholars presented in the areas of advances in theory, analysis based on a literature review, results of basic research, and results of applied research.

The conference was so well received that Jensen has been asked to coordinate the second such conference for 2015.


Cwiak Speaks to Fargo Moorhead Area Association of Realtors

Carol Cwiak, Assistant Professor, spoke May 20, 2014 to the Fargo Moorhead Area Association of Realtors at the Ramada Plaza Suites in Fargo, ND. The title of her presentation was "The Practical Application of Emergency Management: The TopTen Things Realtors Should Know and Do". 

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

North Dakota Emergency Management Association Conference--August 31-September 3 in Bismarck, ND. Learn more and register.

Association of Minnesota Emergency Managers Conference--September 20-23 in Breezy Point, MN. Learn more and register.

Midwest VOAD Summit--Sponsored by NDVOAD in October 29-30 in Bismarck, ND.

Minnesota Association of Floodplain Managers (MnAFPM) Conference--Nov 20-22, 2015 in Moorhead, MN. Learn more and register.

EMGT Student Newsletter

EMGT Student is a student-written newsletter published by the Emergency Management Program. Links to the current and past editions of the newsletter are posted below.

Volume One

Volume Two

Volume Three

Volume Four

Volume Five

Volume Six

Volume Seven

Volume Eight

The EM newsletter re-emerged Spring 2015 with the name "The Hub" thanks to the hard work and dedication of Dr. Cwiak. Dr. Cwiak plans to produce and disseminate the newsletter once per semester at the start of advising week.

The Hub Spring 2015

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