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Program Learning Objectives

By the time a student graduates with a major in emergency management from North Dakota State University's Department of Emergency Management, the student should be able to do the following:

  1. Describe the evolution of emergency management.
  2. Analyze contexts in which emergency management must occur.
  3. Evaluate the opportunities and challenges for emergency management endeavors given the contexts in which emergency management must occur.
  4. Demonstrate an understanding of threshold concepts in emergency management.
  5. Articulate how these threshold concepts might shape and/or be applied in emergency management endeavors.
  6. Assess the way emergency management endeavors have been/are undertaken on the basis of empirical evidence.
  7. Formulate approaches to emergency management endeavors on the basis of empirical evidence.
  8. Evaluate the significance of skills, training, and experience pursued while seeking an emergency management degree in the context of other program learning objectives.

Minors that Complement Emergency Management Minor

The College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences requires all students to have a minor or two years of a foreign language to complete their degree requirements.  Typically, emergency management students select the option of completing a minor.  The foreign language option may be wise choice for a student interested in international emergency management. 

The selection of one or more minors can be a very effective way to enhance your employability by developing a knowledge base and skill sets that compliment and expand the application of your emergency management degree.

Recommended minors include: Business Administration, Communication, Community Development, Geography, Political Science, Construction Management, Economics, Criminal Justice, Sociology, and Hospitality and Tourism Management among others.

For example, a major in emergency management and a minor in business would prepare a student to work in business continuity which is a growing career in the private sector. A major in emergency management and a minor in construction management would prepare a student to help companies and communities with disaster resistant construction.

Theoretically, almost any minor could provide value and enhance employability in some sector of emergency management. Students are encouraged to be creative in exploring one or more minor options.

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