Linguistics Courses

The Department is able to offer only a few linguistics courses, but these courses complement literature and writing courses through their close study of language.  English 209 and 360 are required of all English Education Majors.

209 Introduction to Linguistics
Entry-level knowledge for the scientific study of language, including such topics as phonetics, phonology, morphology, semantics, grammar, social and cultural dimensions, acquisition, variation and similarities among languages of the world, and related cultural history. Cross-listed with ANTH. Generally offered every fall semester.

360 Grammatical Structure
Examines the system of the English sentence. Emphasis on structures and components with attention to application in teaching, stylistic analysis, and editing. Generally offered every spring semester.

452/652 History of the English Language
Development of the English language from its Germanic origins to the modern period. To be offered Spring 2008; no predictable schedule for this course.

453/653 Social and Regional Varieties of English
Study of sociological factors as they relate to language (American English). Examines region, age, gender, ethnicity, self-identity, situation, profession, etc. and their relation to pronunciation, word choice, politeness, formality, turn-taking, etc. Students conduct original research. No predictable schedule for this course.

454/654 Language Bias
Application of current linguistic, rhetorical, and literary theory to examine and analyze the ways in which the social asymmetries of gender, sexuality, race, and ethnicity are reflected and sustained through discourse practices. Generally offered every second fall semester, odd years. 

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