Literature Courses

The department's literature curriculum consists of introductory and survey courses at the 200 level, offering students a broad picture of literary periods, genres, and methods of analysis, progressing to increasingly specific and in-depth courses at the 300 and 400 levels. 

A "CCN" behind a course means that it is part of the North Dakota University System's Common Course Numbering system (these courses have the same number at all 11 ND schools); and "ND:HUM" behind a course means that the course has been designated a General Education Humanities Courses in the North Dakota University System.

The courses listed here are not exclusively courses in literary study; some include the study of film, music, and art, and some provide opportunities to write poetry or fiction.

167 Introduction to English Studies
An introduction to the different areas of English studies including literature, writing studies, and linguistics and the ways in which they are studied. 

220 Introduction to Literature (CCN)
Reading and discussion of representative examples of poetry, drama, and fiction, with emphasis on the use of common literary terminology. Classic and contemporary works. Focus on enjoyment and appreciation of verbal art. (ND:HUM)

222 Introduction to Poetry (CCN)
Examination of poetic forms including the uses of figurative language and the techniques of rhythm and meter, as well as imagery and structure. Includes traditional and contemporary lyrics.

225 Introduction to Film (CCN) 3
General introduction to film studies, including analysis of narrative and stylistic elements of films for their artistic merits and their reflection of an influence on society. (ND:HUM)

226 The Poetry of Rock (CCN)
Examination of rock lyrics as contemporary poems, using techniques of literary criticism to analyze their themes, their aesthetic principles, and their place in art and culture.

240 World Literature Masterpieces (CCN)
Study of representative cultural and literary materials from the ancient world to modern times.

251 British Literature I  
Survey of major works and writers in British literature from the Anglo-Saxon period through the 18th century. (ND:HUM)

252 British Literature II 
Survey of major works and writers in British literature from the Romantic Age to the present. (ND:HUM)

261 American Literature I  
Survey of major works and writers in American literature from the colonial period through the Civil War. Emphasis on the development of unique American values and literature. (ND:HUM)

262 American Literature II  
Survey of major works and writers in American literature from the Civil War to the present. Includes traditional as well as experimental, innovative, and counter-cultural works and authors. (ND:HUM)

272 Literary Analysis (CCN)
Introduction to traditional and contemporary approaches in the study of literature and the fundamental skills required for the analysis of literary texts.

330 British and American Women Writers
Investigation of the literary portrayal of women and its effects on society. Some consideration of problems specific to women writers.

333 Fantasy and Science Fiction
Study of social and psychological implications of fantasy literature and works of fiction concerned with the impact of science and technology on the human imagination.

335 Multicultural Writers
Major literary figures within and outside the United States. Includes Asian, Mexican, and Canadian, as well as Native-American, Black, Asian-American, and Chicano writers.

336 Literature and the Environment
Milestones of American writing about nature and culture from Thoreau to the present. Reading and analysis of literary encounters with place and issues that arise when the local is global.  Prereq: Engl 120.

340 19th Century American Fiction
Selected fiction reflecting problems and ideas, emphasizing the shift from romanticism to realism and naturalism, of the 19th century. Representative writers: Cooper, Hawthorne, Twain, Jewett, James, and Wharton, and includes minority voices.

341 20th Century American Fiction
Selected fiction reflecting social, psychological and literary trends in the 20th century. Includes multicultural and women authors, as well as experimentations in genre.

345 Themes in American Culture
A multidisciplinary approach, including art, music, and literature, to various eras and themes in American cultural history.

375 The Bible as Literature
Study of the texts of the Hebrew Bible and New Testament, with an emphasis on the documents' historical and cultural settings, their global influence, and current rhetorical and literary interpretative methods.

377 Modern Poetry
Experimentation and innovation in poetry from 1910 to 1945. American, English, and Irish poets, including such transnational writers as Eliot, Pound, H.D., D. H. Lawrence, and Auden. Prereq: Engl 120.

380 Shakespeare
Study of representative poetry, comedies, histories, and tragedies.

382 Film Genres and Styles
Study of one or more film genres, styles, or movements, focusing on aesthetic conventions, cultural context, socio-historical significance, and critical approaches. May be repeated for credit with change of topic. Prereq: THEA 115 or ENGL 225 or ENGL 271, or permission of instructor.

389 Non-Fiction Prose
Examines non-fiction prose in its various forms as a significant literary genre capable of exploring cultural, social, historical, psychological, and philosophical matters with logic, emotional power, and literary artistry.

467 English Studies Capstone Experience
Cumulative and integrative study for English majors of English language, literature, and composition. Prereq: ENGL 271.

472/672 20th Century American Writers
Intensive study of major American writers from 1900 to 1950.

474/674 Native American Literature
The development of literature by and about Native Americans is traced from 1850 to the present. Focus on Native American identity and contributions to the American culture.

476/676 Topics in American Literature
Intensive study of a special theme, form, period, or group of writers central to the formation and development of American literature. May be repeated for credit with change of topic.

480/680 Medieval Literature
British poetry and prose from the beginning of the Middle Ages to 1500, including Chaucer.

482/682 Renaissance Literature
Study of British writers of the 16th and 17th centuries.

483/683 Topics in British Literature
Intensive study of a special theme, form, period, or group of writers central to the formation of British literature. May be repeated fro credit with change of topic.

486/686 Romantic Literature
Study of major British writers from the French Revolution to the coronation of Queen Victoria.

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